Lately, I’ve been…

Creating: All kinds of wonderful meals and recipes. It has been heavenly to be back in the kitchen! (Have you seen some of the meals on Instagram?)

Drinking: Cranberry juice like crazy. It’s weird what things I crave each pregnancy.

Enjoying: My children and watching them play together. It is a mother’s delight to see how much they love being together.


Taking: Naps every chance I get. Really, when is this pregnancy exhaustion going to go away?

Smelling: Everything. It is awful. I miss not being able to smell. I smell the diapers, I smell the toilet, I smell the trash. YUCK.

Wearing: My maxi skirt everywhere. It’s true, this is my favorite piece of clothing currently. I’m not really sure what I wore my other pregnancies, but it doesn’t really matter now that this is in my life.


Thinking about: Ways to be a better mom, wife, etc. Then wishing I could stop and just enjoy the ride.


Wishing: For snow. I keep dreaming of my time in Montana. I miss snow. I miss fall. I love Texas, but I miss the beauty of Creation. Here, all I see is pavement and brick houses.

Looking forward to: Listening to Christmas music, I keep holding off, but I’m not sure how much longer I can go.

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