Toddler Alphabet Tree

Now that the first trimester yuck is officially over, I can focus back on my lessons with Gracie.

In an effort to continue working on our alphabet letters, I have created this fall alphabet tree.

Toddler alphabet tree

It is a great decoration and a perfect way to teach the letters of the alphabet.

I wanted to hit home the difference between capital and lower case letters, since we just started differentiating.

Toddler Alphabet Tree

I cut a tree out of brown paper, it doesn’t have to be perfect, just do the best you can with the materials you have on hand.

Toddler Alphabet Tree

We are in that stage where she wants to be IN every picture and then she wants to see herself. Oh my!

Then make leaf cut outs. I am sure you can find some patterns online if you google it, however, I just freehand cut out different leaves.

Toddler Alphabet Tree

I wrote the letter and talked about the letter and the sound it made as she colored it different colors of fall.

Then, we hung them up, making sure to put capital letters on the tree and lowercase letters in a pile on the “ground” by the tree.


It turned out better than I hoped! We are adding to it each week, multiple times a week. By the time winter officially comes, our tree will be full!

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