How to get some Me Time over the holidays

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The holiday music is playing already in every store you enter. You haven’t put up your Christmas lights and your neighbors give you the evil eye about it every time you get your mail. Your children are fussy from all the relatives. The relatives are fussy because, well, that’s family. AND, you forgot to thaw the turkey.

Holiday Me Time

Ah…the holidays.

Our favorite time of year.

Our most stressful time of year.

Why do you need some Me Time over the holidays?

If the above paragraph didn’t sound familiar, then maybe your form of holiday madness comes in different forms. No matter who you are or how you celebrate, the holiday craziness WILL get to you at some point or another.


So, as a mama or a daddy, or a grandparent, or a single adult living alone, how do you survive the craziness. Or better put:

How do you get some Me Time over the holidays?

Here are just a few ideas of ways to get away and remember the reason we celebrate.


1. Unplug. Stop the barrage of social media. You can’t tell that your sister’s house looks prettier than yours if you aren’t stalking her photos on Instagram. You can’t tell that your best friend had more fun with her family than you did with yours if you aren’t checking Facebook statuses.


2. Take a time out. This is my person favorite. I used to think time out was such a bad thing. Then I became a mommy and realized how amazing it is to have mommy time outs. And what’s a good time out without chocolate and some light reading? Good news! Right now, if you shop at any Safeway stores, they have a coupon to save a dollar with purchase of one PEOPLE® or Sunset® magazine and one REESE’S®, HERSHEY’S® or other selected King Size bar.  The digital coupon is available through the Safeway Just4U online portal 11/21/14 – 12/19/14 (while supplies last). Click here to get your Tom Thumb Coupon!


3. Don’t focus on outdoing. How many times do we try to outdo each other? It’s common for mommies,

Mom 1: “Junior started potty training when he was ten months.”

Mom 2: “Oh, that’s nice. My little button NEVER wore diapers. She came out of the womb potty trained.”

It’s common among men;

Man 1: “I’m benching 290 [pounds] right now.”

Man 2: “Yeah, I would like to bench 500, but I’m only up to 495 right now.”

It’s just how we are, it’s our human nature. One way to de-stress this holiday season is to not get caught up in the comparison or outdoing each other trap. It just isn’t worth it.

What about you? What do you do to de-stress? Are you like me, in that your way to de-stress involves some me time with some chocolate and a favorite magazine? Or do you have a different way! Please share you idea in the comments!

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