Happy 1 Year Old Birthday Benjamin!

Well, officially, yesterday was the special day. However, I had to go back and look at the archives and found Gracie’s 1 year birthday. I made some quick facts for her and wanted to do the same for my little man. Here we go:

Weight: 22 pounds (same as Gracie at this age)

Teeth: 1 totally in and two more working their way out

Walking: Been walking full time for about three weeks now

Eating: Anything and everything – especially if it is on the floor (same answer as Gracie!)

Favorites: His sister, snuggling, his blue blanket and pacifier.


Hobbies: Chasing his sister around the house, yesterday he found some paper and a pen lying around and started coloring – I was shocked! He is just getting out of the everything-goes-in-the-mouth stage, but still gets tempted with pom poms.

Words: None spoken yet, although he knows what a lot means. He is however using sign language to say “More” “Milk” and “Airplane”. We are currently working on “Down”


He spent his birthday playing with his Amaw’s cane,


getting an awesome blanket that Amaw made,


and watching us eat birthday pie!

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