Kid’s Turkey Felt Activity

I know. I know.

You are frantically running around the kitchen making sure you baste the turkey, check on the rolls (that aren’t rising as much as you want), switch out sides from the oven, set the table to look like a magazine and somewhere in there, find time to get fixed up for the main meal.

Turkey felt activity

Meanwhile, your children are hanging on you. Their little fingers are in every dish. Their constant questions, (“Mommy, what’s this? Mommy, can I have some?”) are about to drive you up the wall.

What’s a mama to do?

Well, here’s an idea!

Turkey felt activity (2)

Make a Kid’s Turkey Felt Activity

Grab some pieces of felt.

If you are a mama of young ones and you don’t have some felt lying around, go right now and put it on your list for Santa. I’ll wait.

Turkey felt activity (4)

Are you back? Okay, let’s get started!

Cut out a turkey shape. I didn’t use a pattern. I’m not that kind of mama, but if you are, I know the internet is probably full of turkey patterns.

Turkey felt activity (5)

Then, cut out your feathers from a variety of colors. I used three colors. That was enough for us!

Now, you can be done, if you want. Your kids have a turkey shape and feathers to play with.


You could add to the fun with more colors and shapes.

Turkey felt activity (6)

I cut out more shapes from the same colors. Then, this activity can go a few ways for stimulating their brains (and keeping them busy so you can work!).

Kid’s Turkey Felt Activity 3 ways

1. They can sort the shapes by color on the feathers.

Turkey felt activity (7)

2. They can sort by shapes on the feathers.

Turkey felt activity (8)

3. They could create patterns from the feathers. For example: have them make the feathers in the pattern of red, yellow, green, red, yellow, green, etc. Or you could come up with different patterns, such as; red, red, yellow, yellow, green, red, red, yellow, yellow, green.

Turkey felt activity (1)

These three activities will keep your children busy, and within sight so you can get things done.

Turkey felt activity (9)

She got so excited about sorting the shapes, that our turkey lost his eyes. They went with the circles!

What things do you do with your kids to keep them out of the kitchen while you work?

Oh and if you want another idea, did you see this cute Turkey Hand print craft from yesterday?

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  1. Marnie Davis Ward says:

    This is an adorable Felt Turkey. I wish I had I read about this activity before Thanksgiving. I am going to keep the craft activity for next year and do it with my brownie troop. They will love it. Thanks you.

    • Beauty for ashes says:

      Marnie, thank you so much! I will have something like this up for Christmas too, be on the lookout next week…

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