Thankful Challenge Day 18 – Toddler Calendar Time

Have I told you about our Toddler calendar time? It’s my new favorite teaching activity in our house!

Why Do Toddler Calendar Time?

Since we are constantly working on our numbers, letters, shapes, etc. I thought I should create a daily calendar that we can go over as a family.

Toddler calendar time

 When Do I Do Toddler Calendar Time?

We usually do this at the end of breakfast. Both kids LOVE it.

Toddler Calendar Time

How to Make a Calendar for Toddler Calendar Time?

I used clear page protectors and cut them up into pieces that fit my board. Then, I taped them together to make see through pockets. I used Velcro to put them on the board, but in hindsight, I should have just used tape, since these pockets never come off.

Every day of the week, I add something to the board.

Toddler Calendar Time

Mondays, I add a letter to work on for the week.

Tuesdays, I add a shape.

Wednesdays, I add a number.

Toddler Calendar Time

Thursdays, I add sign language from this great website.

Fridays, I add a Spanish word (usually the same as the sign language).

Toddler Calendar Time

Then, on Sundays, we go over what the week looks like, using the days of the week.

What skills are my kids learning in Toddler Calendar Time?

My kids are learning:

  1. Letters
  2. The Weather
  3. Shapes
  4. Colors
  5. Numbers
  6. Spanish words
  7. Sign Language
  8. Days of the week

Toddler Calendar Time

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