Thankful Challenge Day 8 – Family Time

I love being with my family. If we’re friends on Facebook, then maybe you saw my posting where I suggested that 20 sounded like a great number of kids!

Okay, sometimes they are hard. Often times, my patience wears out before the day does. Still, I LOVE being the mama. I love being a part of this family.


I am grateful for family times.

We are beginning to TRY some Bible study/family devotion time in the morning where we read from the kid’s Bible.


They are distracted.

They are busy.

But, they hear it.

Today, we talked about how God created everything. Gracie then started listing off things He created.


“God made horsey.”

“God made scarecrow”

“God made Elmo”

She may not be able to repeat back everything I said, but she got the gist.

Yes, I know I look like a mess in these pictures. It’s what happens when you are healing from the stomach bug. Besides, we are all real around here.

Do you do family devotions at your house?

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