Turkey Handprint gift bags for Thanksgiving

Giving cookies to neighbors is a very Christmas type activity.

But who says that you can only give cookies out at Christmas time?

Turkey Handprint gift bag, great for kids

I knew that I wanted to do something a little special for the ladies that watch my kiddos while I go to Bible study. I mean, those ladies faithfully change the diapers of my little guy and wipe my little chica after she goes. So, they need to be celebrated and thanked.


My favorite way of saying, “Thanks” is probably via food. I love to cook and I love to have people over.

Since it might be awkward for me to invite these ladies over to my house (since they don’t really know me, and they might think I’m just using them for their diaper changing abilities) I decided to make some cookies for them.


I made some AMAZING cookies. Seriously, ya’ll, these cookies are dangerous. I want them out of my house NOW, because I keep eating them. I think the first day I made them, I had around 20 cookies. I have learned that I have zero self control when it comes to chocolate and peanut butter. But…I digress.

Back to the gift bags for thanksgiving.

After cooking off four types of cookies, I put them in little baggies to keep the different kinds separate. Then, I got out these brown paper bags.

Turkey Handprint gift bags (2)

I used the paint colors I had on hand, cause that’s the kind of mama I am.

I painted the toddler’s palm and fingers and then had her print her hand on the bags.

Turkey Handprint gift bags (1)

They turned out so cute!

I then added a little message, and viola! Adorably fun turkey hand print gift bags for thanksgiving!

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  1. Marie Wikle says:

    This is awesome!! love this! is that a peanutbutter cookie i see? covered in chocolate? what recipe did you use?

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