My First Crayola Products

I can tell I’ve found a keeper of a toy when two things happen.

#1. The kids both want to play with it and neither can get distracted by something else.

My first Crayola

#2. The kids fight over it.

Now, see that’s the good and bad news about My First Crayola products. The fact is; both of my kids LOVE these products. The unfortunate fact is that they want to each play with them. At the same time. Which usually erupts in character building opportunities (for mama or the kids? Yes, to both!)

Hands down, the favorite toy is this one:

My first Crayola

Technically, this was Benjamin’s toy, but Gracie was ALL ABOUT IT!

Luckily, we also had the chance to review this awesome toy, too. Gracie decided that maybe Benjamin’s wasn’t as cool after all. With the Color Wonder Airbrush, she could create all kinds of fun pictures and I didn’t have a huge mess to clean up afterwards!

My first Crayola

I have decided that Crayola products are just a necessity around our house. We need the markers, we need the crayons, and it would be delightful to have everything else they sell. But…then, we would need a bigger house.

My first Crayola

Check out My First Crayola Products for your little ones and Crayola Wonder products for your toddlers.

I was given the chance to review these products, however all opinions are my own. Check out my disclosure policy for more information!





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