Last minute ways to save (and make) some money before Christmas

Let’s face it, this time of year can be hard for pocketbooks.

For that matter, it can be hard on credit cards, bank accounts and any kind of cash flow.

We want to do whatever we can to save a buck or two.

Last minute ways to save (and make) some money before Christmas. Some of these are so simple and easy! Just today, I can save $3.50 from the grocery and make a $10 gift card!

I want to share with you some ways that you can start to make or save some money starting today, so you will have just a little more cushion in that bank account for Christmas (or after).

Last minute ways to save (and make) some money before Christmas

  1.  Make your own Gifts: This is something that is so simple, but so often neglected around this time of year. Some of my favorite gifts are the ones that are homemade! Check out this homemade play dough recipe that is colorful and perfect for kids of all ages (and a stress reliever for adults, trust me on this one)!homemadeplaydough.2jpg
  2. Ebates: My absolute favorite! If you are an online shopper, you gotta check this out. Ebates is amazing for cash back when you shop online. Totally legit and I earned around $40 cash back last year alone. Also, when I first signed up they sent me a $15 gift card (I think it’s $10 now) So great!
  3. Ibotta: This is a great app to save some money at the grocery. Just choose the products you are going to buy, complete the tasks, take a picture and get money back! I usually get like 50 cents a week for buying milk and sometimes another 50 cents for eggs, bread or other necessities. Last year, I got $80 total from this app.
  4. Checkout 51:  Similar to Ibotta, in that you can get cash back for getting groceries. They have new deals every Thursday.
  5. Snap by Groupon: Same as the top two, but you don’t need to do any tasks.
    • Here’s the cool thing, if you use all three (ibotta, checkout 51 and Snap), often times they crossover. So, if you got milk for 2.50, you could use Ibotta an get 50 cents and then use Snap and get a dollar back. So it’s like paying one dollar for the milk.mags
  6. Sell back your magazines – You would be surprised at how much this can bring in. Many times, magazines bring in more money than you would get selling books.
  7. Savingstar: Just sign up for offers (they also have coupons), and then collect your cash! Yay! Also, every Friday, they have a totally free product that you can redeem at one of their locations (such as Kroger or CVS).Last minute ways to save (and make) some money before Christmas
  8. Don’t focus on the gifts: This might be the easiest and hardest one of all. This season is NOT about buying gifts. It is about cherishing memories, being with family and remembering what this season is all about. If you are stressed out about money this time of year, then maybe you need to cut back. Instead of making money, focus on making memories. Those are what will be remembered the most!

How to you save (or make) some money before Christmas?


If you are looking for more ways to save some money, check out this post about how I eat free all month long!


 Some of the above links are referral links, which means that if you sign up then I get a little perk. So thank you in advance, and I hope you sign up so you can save your family some moolah!

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