How to teach Toddlers about Christmas using picture books

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Teaching toddlers about Christmas isn’t an easy task.

First of all, there is the confusion of the fact that many adults don’t truly know what this season is all about.

Teaching Toddlers about Advent using Christmas books (5)

Then there is the confusion about the baby in the manger and the man in the red suit.

Yes, it can get pretty confusing this time of year.

How to teach Toddlers about Christmas using picture books. This is a great way to get your kids focused on the real meaning of Christmas!

As a previous elementary school teacher, I know the value that comes with reading aloud to our children. Using picture books to help children understand this season is a great way to teach them!

How to teach Toddlers about Christmas using picture books

First you need to choose your picture books.

There are a ton of picture books dedicated to telling to story of the season. Some of my favorites are the Legends books. Such as The Legend of the Christmas Tree, or The Legend of the Candy Cane. You can Google and find even more books that work for your family. What I did was go into my public library account and search for Christmas books. Any books that were blatantly about Santa, I didn’t go for. The ones that seemed to be more focused on Christ were the ones I checked out (and put on hold) I think I have 33 books checked out right now!

Here are some to get you started, for a full list of books for each day of advent, check out this post.

What is Christmas?

The Little Drummer Boy


The First Christmas Night

Humphrey’s First Christmas


God Gave us Christmas


The Christmas Baby

The Nativity

I also printed out the words and verses from this printable. It has 24 words about Christmas and their corresponding verses.

Scripture advent

I then added a Christmas song to each day.

I put them on some construction paper with the numbers facing out.

How to teach Toddlers about Christmas using picture books (2)

Now, every evening, my toddler gets to pick out the letter of the day. We take the letter off the package and read the scripture. Then we talk about it a little and sing our song for the day. After that, we read our picture book.

Teaching Toddlers about Advent using Christmas books (2)

It is such a fun way for my kids to get introduced to the real story of Christmas. There are so many beautiful and amazing kid’s books about this, it is a fun tradition to start with your family today!

Teaching Toddlers about Advent using Christmas books (6)

If you are looking for other ways to teach your kids about Christmas, check out The What’s in the Bible? DVD. It is AMAZING! Also, right now there is a giveaway, so you can win one for your family!

Why do we call it Christmas


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  1. Emily A. says:

    You are so right about adults nowadays not grasping the true reason for Christmas, even in my Christian circle of friends. They place a lot of emphasis on Santa and Elf on the Shelf and it shows in their facebook posts. Thanks for these tips!

    • Beauty for ashes says:

      Emily, so true. It seems elf and Santa are the biggies this season when really, Santa started with a man who loved and celebrated Christ! We have it so backward!

  2. Candice says:

    I loved this post! I found focusing on the what christmas means really helped teach my daughter too! You have some great ideas I wish I saw before today 🙂

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