How to Throw A Christmas Party Without Becoming a Grinch

I’m so glad Wayfair has such great ideas for holiday entertaining, they have sponsored with me to bring you this post!

They come out this time of year.

We have all been around one.

Chances are good that you have been to a party hosted by one.

You know, those people who just can’t seem to enjoy this time of year and might even go so far as to make it miserable for others.

A Grinch.

how to throw a Christmas party

The question is; are you one?

If you are hosting people this holiday season, or even if you are just trying to make sure this Christmas is the best ever for your family; then you might be falling into the Grinch trap.

Luckily, you don’t have to.

There ARE ways to be the hostess with the mostess this holiday without becoming a Grinch.

How to Throw A Christmas Party Without Becoming a Grinch

1. Enlist help – throwing a party is a lot of work. Find people who can help. Whether it be your husband taking the kids while you clean the house. Or maybe a few friends come over and help you get the decorations just as you like them. Possibly, you could even make your party more of a potluck style event where everyone brings something.

Handmade Rustic Christmas Ornaments

Here are some rustic Christmas ideas by Fynes Designs

2. Stick with only 1 color or theme – Don’t get caught up in making your house look like something out of a catalog. That will take more time than you probably have. Just focus on one color or theme for your party. Maybe crimson red can be your main color, or your theme could be bringing the outdoors in and decorating with evergreen sprigs.

3. Use known and easy recipes – This is probably not the time to try those recipes you found on Fine Cuisine. This is the time to use recipes that you have made before and know are good. You also want to make sure they are simple. Maybe a crockpot spinach and artichoke dip would be good.

Pomegranate and Feta Pinwheels | Melanie Makes

These Pomegranate and Feta Pinwheels by Melanie Makes have only five ingredients!

4. Make the food ahead of time – Do all that you can to make the food BEFORE the party. You don’t want to spend the entire party in the kitchen. These caprese bites are simple and visually appealing. Fruit plates are also great for parties!

Red Velvet Hot Chocolate Cocktail

Try this hot drink from the Snappy Gourmet

5. Fancy Drinks over Fancy Food – You can make a fancy drink fairly quickly. Making appetizers that are fancy, often takes much longer. If you want to simplify, then focus on making your drinks appealing over your appetizers. Use pretty pitchers to help!

wayfair dink pitchers


1. Winterberry Pitcher from Wayfair 2. Johnson Brothers Friendly Village Pitcher 3. Maxwell and Williams Sprinkle Pitcher from Wayfair

6. Set everything up before – Before the party is the time to make sure everything looks beautiful. From the drink bar, to the appetizer plates or even the dining table (if you are using it). When your guests arrive isn’t the time to be setting the table, or getting napkins out! These are some of my favorite plates from Wayfair:

wayfair plates

 1. Lenox Holiday 5-piece place setting  2. Johnson Brothers Old Britain Castles Plates 3. Noritake Palace Holiday Gold Plate

 7. Light Some Candles and Put on Some Music – The atmosphere of the party is up to you. You set it with the lighting and the music you play in your home. If you want the party to be soft and relaxed; turn some lights off and light some candles. Make sure you have soft instrumental music playing. If you want upbeat and fun, you will probably have more upbeat music playing in the background.

8. Enjoy – This is really the thing that distinguishes the Grinches from the Cindy Lou Hoos. Kick back and enjoy your party. The work should be all done, so all that’s left is for you to make some memories.

What are some ways that you keep from becoming a Grinch this holiday season?

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  1. Tausha says:

    I help my Mom get ready for her family Christmas eve party every year. We are now up to about 40+ people. I tend to make the desserts, that way my Mom doesn’t need to. It’s also a pot luck, so everyone pitches in. We (the kids and I) get there in the morning and help with the set up/cleaning. My older sister and her teenage girls usually show up in the afternoon and help out as well. It’s fun. You can’t aim for perfection. You aim for love, memories and fun. 🙂

    • Beauty for ashes says:

      Oh Tausha, I love what you said, ” you can’t aim for perfection, you aim for love, memories and fun.” So true. May this be our motto this season!

  2. susan says:

    Is that what you call a shirt tail tad? by the christmas tree.

    that is some pretty hostess ware at Wayfair. I entered the raffle!

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