30 Seconds that will Transform your Marriage

Marriage is a funny thing.

It’s something you dream about when you are single, longing for that special someone to come into your life.

All marriages start feeling a little dull after a while. Spice it up with this one simple trick. Only takes 30 seconds out of your day!

When they do, it is butterflies and roses up until the moment you walk down that aisle.

Even the honeymoon stage is wonderful.

Then, reality hits.

You work odd job hours. Kids join the picture. Before you know it, your marriage has become a little…dull. (Don’t worry, I won’t tell your spouse you said so.)

Let me tell you a little secret: you are not alone.

It’s true. Most couples feel a little like the shine has worn off in their marriage. The sparkle is no longer there and instead, has been replaced by a dull luster.

I have good news for you! I want to tell you the trick for 30 Seconds that will transform your marriage.

This one trick will spice up your marriage, who knew!!?

The funny thing is, you already know about it. You just stopped doing it. Or forgot about it.

Here it is:


That’s it? That’s the big trick?


But before you go away feeling like you’ve been ripped off, let me add a little note to that.

You need to kiss your spouse for at least ten seconds…three times a day.

(Some people might call that making out, others just call it a long kiss, I call it FUN homework!)

All marriages start feeling a little dull after a while. Spice it up with this one simple trick. Only takes 30 seconds out of your day!

Remember when you used to love making out with your spouse? Is that still present in your marriage? If not, then I challenge you today. Here is my challenge:

Commit for a week, to kiss your spouse for at least ten seconds, three times a day. If you happen to catch yourself kissing for longer than that, well…that’s okay, too!

I can pretty much guarantee you that this one little trick will transform a dull marriage into one with SPARK!

What do you think? Is this challenge doable? Is this something you can commit to make your marriage better?

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  1. marie says:

    having just celebrated our 25th anniversary last year – one of the things that i love the most is kisses from the Mr. and he knows it. 🙂

    well, and hugs…

    and well… you know – the other stuff too. 🙂

    thanks for this!! sharing all over the twitterverse and other places!!


    was that you guys riding off into the sunset on a motorcycle?? pretty cool if i do say so myself!
    marie recently posted…Be More by Sandi Krakowski

  2. Keara B. says:

    I’m wading through my emails as hubby watches the Superbowl, and I finally got to this one (which I saved because I really wanted to read it!). You’re right on with this post- I completely agree. I used to have family members and friends who would give us a hard time because my husband and I show affection in public. Nothing inappropriate, mind you… mostly small kisses, hugs, and hand-holding. But I will never apologize for that because I think it’s what makes our marriage stronger! Thanks for a great post. 🙂

    • Tales of Beauty for Ashes says:

      Keara, I can’t tell you how much your sweet comment warmed my heart! I love that you left the email in your inbox until you had time to read it!

      YES! I once read a blog that talked about being a good parent by grossing your kids out. Not going overboard, but kiss in front of them. Let them see what a good and healthy marriage is!

      I love being married to my man!

    • Tales of Beauty for Ashes says:

      I guess my best advice for that situation is to keep communicating. I know how hard it can be to communicate when you aren’t together, and you can’t see each other face to face, but make a very intentional effort to talk on the phone. Even try video calling. Anything to keep connected amidst the distance.

  3. Chelsi says:

    Love this post, me and my husband share small kisses in front of my 3 year old and he always asks for one too!

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