7 Secrets to Successful Potty Training

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If you read my post yesterday, you know that I have failed at potty training.

It’s true.   Potty Training isn't easy, these tips will help!

But, I have also succeeded.

Sometimes, you have to fail to learn how to master something.

Ladies and gentleman, my failure has made me the master potty trainer in my house.

After my abysmal failure, I diapered my little chica for a few more months. Then, on May 10th of 2014, my husband asked me what I would like to do for my birthday. Because I am a completely normal human being, I told him I wanted to spend my birthday potty training my daughter. (Okay, semi-normal human)

Potty training made (somewhat) simple with this easy steps!

It was a raving success. She was potty trained mostly that day, and completely potty trained by the end of the week.

How did I do it?

I’m glad you asked!

7 Secrets to Successful Potty Training

1. Don’t start too early. I won’t go into detail here, because I detailed it in yesterday’s post. But this is THE MOST IMPORTANT!

Potty Training isn't easy, these tips will help!

Make sure they drink a LOT of fluids!

2. When you potty train, make sure that it is warm enough. You don’t want your little one running around with a nudey booty in the middle of winter. Trust me on this one. We went outside for the first (and toughest) day, it was warm enough that she could just wear a little dress. Then when the timer went off, she would go to her potty seat, which was outside with us!

3. Celebrate the successes…but not TOO much. The first time Gracie went pee in the potty I did a potty dance and ran around the kitchen singing, “GRACIE WENT PEE PEE, GRACIE WENT PEE PEE, SHE’S A BIG GIRL NOW!” or something similar. After my dance was completed, I saw the look on my daughter’s face and realized that I might have gone a little overboard. She seemed scared to death. The next time she went pee, she was a little apprehensive of the scary mommy dance…so I made sure to tone it down.

4. Make sure they can do it themselves. If you are having to pull down their pants every.single.time. then why are you potty training? Diapering the child would be so much easier on both of you. Wait until your little one can actually pull down their own pants. I recommend looking into Pull-Ups® training pants. Which leads me to #5…

Where to find Pull Ups training pants

Gracie is so helpful! She is showing you where in Kroger you can find the Pull Ups Training Pants! Thanks, Gracie girl!


5. Don’t go anywhere for a bit. If you are potty training today, and tomorrow you need to go run errands with your little one, that is going to mess the whole thing up. Let them master the skill of learning to use the potty before you take them to a place where the potty is not readily available. When you do finally go out in public, put on underwear if you are brave. For the rest of us, try Pull-Ups® training pants (available at Kroger). They are great, because they catch the mess that might happen, but they feel like underwear. Not only that, but your child can pull them up or down at will. Believe me, you don’t want to have a puddle in the car seat. They are NOT easy to clean up. (Remember me saying that I failed before I succeeded?)

6. Take it easy. They are going to make mistakes. Heck, YOU are going to make mistakes. Give yourself and your little one grace. They aren’t doing it on purpose. If you have a loving relationship with your child, then they want to please you. So when they have an accident, talk to them about it. Remind them where they are supposed to go…and then move on. Don’t punish them. Don’t get angry.


7. Bring the chocolate. For every piece of chocolate you give your little one, you deserve one too. Really. This potty training is HARD work! Get some extra help, if you need it, from Pull-Ups® training academy!

7 Secrets to Successful potty training, such GREAT advice! Pinning this for when I need it!

Did I miss anything? What are some secrets to success that you have had when potty training?

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  1. Tina says:

    Any suggestions on night time potty training? Already accomplished day time, but 4 years old and still wearing pullups to bed.

    • Tales of Beauty for Ashes says:

      Tina, great question! My main advice is that you are patient. I know you are ready for them to be DONE, but as people say, You little one won’t be wearing diapers to college. They WILL grow out of it. Another thing is you might want to reward them when they DO get a dry night. I know that my daughter went through a phase where she was dry everytime I would get her up. After a while, I stopped rewarding that…now she is back to going in her diaper at night. I think patience is the key!

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