Adam and Eve Lesson for Preschoolers

Adam and Eve Lesson for preschoolers.

In case you haven’t been around here much, let me introduce myself. I am Becky and a former teacher. I don’t miss much about teaching, but I DO miss creating lessons.

Now that my oldest is ready to start learning, I couldn’t be more excited. She is soaking it all up like a sponge and taking it in faster than I have planned for.

I was surprised when I did this lesson with Gracie, to find that each day was only about 30 minutes of actual school work each day.

This lesso plan teaches a variety of subjects and makes learning fun and interactive for your preschooler!

This month, our character theme is obedience (anyone else find that is a character quality that toddlers just seem to LACK???). In order to teach obedience, we have a few different units about characters in the Bible who were either obedient to God’s call or disobedient. Using these examples, I will be teaching Gracie about how obedience pleases God (and also mommy!).

She is also memorizing a scripture for the next two weeks. She already has it down after one week, but I want to continue working on it, to cement it in her mind.

Her verse is John 14:15 – If you love me, you will keep my commandments.

Rather than explain my reasoning for her memorizing Scripture, I will just point you to this Facebook post where someone asked me about it! (Feel free to add any comments, if you want!)

Written by a former teacher turned stay at home mama, this lesson plan is exciting, interactive and will keep your preschoolers attention!

Here is the Adam and Eve Lesson for Preschoolers. It isn’t pretty or cutsey, but it is very useful and fun!

A few notes about this lesson:

  • After making the snakes out of pipe cleaners, we crawled around on our bellies like snakes and made the SSSS sound.
  • Here is the youtube video for Adam and Eve
  • I took a video of our obedience experiment (which I have renamed to the temptation experiment) and it was so fun to leave the room and then watch the video later. I can tell that she was VERY tempted, but she choose to obey. Your child may not choose to obey, and that is totally fine. Don’t punish them, just have fun with it. If it were me, I would FAIL this experiment and eat the chocolate first!

Let me know in the comments or by email if you have any questions!!

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