Coffee Date and some EXCITING news!

If we were to have a coffee date, I would be beaming from ear to ear.

You would probably wonder what I had for breakfast…and if you could get some for yourself.

I would probably be jiggling my legs, since that is what I do when I get excited.


You know my heart is in the iced tea more than any coffee drink!


I would wait to tell you my news until we ordered our drink. It’s a little awkward to get halfway through a story and then have to order and pay for a drink. I want to tell you the whole thing and have you full focus.

I still wouldn’t tell you when we walked to the counter to wait or got ourselves a table. I really don’t want to be interrupted. This is BIG NEWS!!

When our drinks finally came, I would grab it and excitedly pull you over to the table to share my news.

I would lean in because, as exciting as this news is, it is still so unreal to me that I am a little nervous to let the whole world know.

Then I would tell you, in hushed tones, “I did something BIG.”


You might look at me, that look that encourages me to keep talking and expresses interest.

“It is something that has been a dream of mine for years!”

Now, I have your full attention. You know I get excited, but not THIS excited about things. You wonder what is going on.

Finally, I burst out, “I PUBLISHED A BOOK!!”

What would you do? Would you jump up and down with me and scream like a little girl? Would you smile and nod knowingly (you knew it was just a matter of time, anyway)? Would your eyes get big as you wonder what in the world I would write a book about?

Well, I want to tell you. Oh I want to tell you, but the toddlers are calling, so I have to wait to finish our coffee date tomorrow…

Take a Guess: What do you think my book is about?

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