Falling for Texas review and giveaway

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Falling for Texas.

How could anyone NOT fall for Texas?

As a Texas girl, the title of Jill Lynn’s new book pulled me in.

As you know, I am a fan of Becky Wade and other Christian Fiction Writers, I now need to add Jill Lynn to my list of authors to watch for.

The story takes place in…(can you guess???)


It is a sweet boy meets girl novel, with a little twist. Our hero has given himself an obligation to take care of his little sis before he can get involved with anyone.

Of course that doesn’t seem like a problem, until he meets her volleyball coach.

Oh the romantic sparks that start flying.

This is a great weekend read, I’m thinking it would be perfect to read by the fireplace over a long, snowed in weekend.

You can buy her book on Amazon now OR try your chances to win the giveaway below!
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