Goals for 2015

If you have been around the last few days, then you know how much I LOVE setting goals. Yes, I’m quirky that way.

If I were to choose a theme for this year, it would be learning how to become a godly woman. I am still in the process of what it means to be a godly woman, wife, mommy, etc.

Here are some goals that I came up with for the year. All of these are steps in the process of becoming more of a woman after God’s heart (I hope!).

A list of goals for 2015 (and how to have success achieving them!)

So…I’m just gonna lay it all out there. It’s kinda like baring my soul to you all, but here it is!

2015 Goals

Marriage Goals

Marriage Goals:

  • 1 kid free date a month
  • 1 overnight (kid free) this year
  • 10 minutes of couch time daily
  • 1 at home date every other week
  • Pray together every third morning (my hubby isn’t home the other two mornings)
  • Start an encouragement journal
  • Weekly check in: Stop, Start, Continue

Homemaking goals

Homemaking Goals:

  • Learn to sew – specifically, make a few maxi skirts
  • Spend $250 per month on groceries
  • Plant herbs (cilantro, chives, basil, lavender)
  • Stick with my cleaning schedule (and update, as needed)
  • Use Natural cleaners (See my Pinterest board for ideas)

Follow Tales of Beauty for Ashes’s board Cleaning on Pinterest.

  • Make homemade detergent
  • Follow my meal plan schedule (coming next week, look for it!)
  • Monthly homemaking challenge – January is to eat mostly from the pantry and freezer
  • Get on a schedule
  • Organize craft supplies
  • Get rid of junk clutter

parenting goals


  • Blanket time for 30 minutes
  • Daily Family Devotions
  • Try Babywise for #3 coming in April
  • Write in Kid’s Journals 1 x a month
  • 1 FUN play date per quarter
  • Monthly 1 on 1 time with each child
  • Teach Gracie 1 new chore each month



  • Memorize 2 verses a month
  • Reformat Calendar time
  • Create homeschooling buckets
  • Figure out preschool curriculum
  • Mommy and Me book club??
  • Create goals for Gracie this year.

personal goals


  • Have extended time in the word each month
  • Monthly Health Challenge
  • Memorize 1 verse/week
  • Workout 3 times/ week
  • Daily time in the word (use SOAP)
  • Read 4 books per month
  • Listen to one faith filled podcast each week

blogging goals


  • Grow my Facebook page, figure out a way to get more shares.
  • Figure out how to grow my email subscribers (there is a link at the bottom of my page right now, on the right hand side. Maybe that’s my problem…it’s hard to find?)
  • Host one large giveaway per quarter
  • Stick with my blogging routine
  • Keep better financial records
  • Publish my ebook (coming in February…I hope!)
  • Figure out how to not get burned out, create blogging rules.
  • Publish one video to Youtube per month (did you see the last one I made? I have some work to do!)

What do you think? Is that enough goals? (wink)

What are some goals you have for the new year?

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  1. Melissa D says:

    You’re ambitious, and I like it! πŸ™‚ Have you looked into the memory verse challenge on Beth Moore’s blog? I’m planning to try it (memorize 24 verses/year…so half of your goal)–it would be fun to meet up at the celebration and hang out!

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