The Messy, Beautiful Chaos


It is a pretty good word that describes my house right now.

helpingmommyinthekitchen (2)

It also describes my mind.

Some would say the two are connected. And I agree. My house usually takes on the state of my mind. If the house is messy, then you should probably steer clear. If the house is clean, then my mind is crystal clear. Mostly.

helpingmommyinthekitchen (3)

Just ignore the big robe I have on over my clothes. I am going through a stage where I am ALWAYS cold!

There is a light in the midst of this chaos. It’s knowing that even though this chaos is messy. It’s producing memories that are beautiful.

helpingmommyinthekitchen (4)

My daughter has really started helping me in the kitchen more. She is the best at pouring things into the mixing bowls. She loves stirring things around. I like pretending I’m Ree Drummond on the Food Network.

She also loves watching the flour rain onto the floor, and the mess it creates, but that’s another story. (Do you like the apron? It’s the one we made for this announcement!)

helpingmommyinthekitchen (5)

I have to give myself grace in these moments.

These moments when I want to lock the kids in their rooms for a few hours so I can clean the house. Or take a bath.

helpingmommyinthekitchen (1)

Moments when I want to just make something in the kitchen ALL BY MYSELF.

Then, I look at the sweet face next to me and realize that I would rather clean up a thousand messes with her than no messes without.

How would you describe your life lately?

By the way if you want the recipe to what we are making, check it out here:

chocolate peanut butter identity crisis cookie (5)

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