A letter to my loves

To my Lover,My loves

Last night we had a hard conversation. We gave each other grace. We received even more grace. It was hard, but good. I give all the credit of that to our Father in Heaven. Thanks for leaning on Him with me.



To my Gracie Doodle,

You have started having tea parties with your animals.

Tea Parties and TrampolinesI am amazed at what you pick up from just listening to me and the world around you. It reminds me how I need to be so careful with my words. Thanks for your patience with me as I am learning how to be a great mama for you.

To my Benjie Man,

That is the first time I have ever called you that, but for some reason, that name seems to fit. You just started saying the word bubbles. (Okay it is more like, “Bubahs bubahs”) And I think it is incredibly adorable.

My loves

To Baby Three,

I have a few names picked out for you. Your daddy is still working on his. Between you and me, I think he is going to wait until we are in that delivery room before deciding what names he would like. That is what he did with your sister, after all. Oh well, your name isn’t as important as seeing your sweet face. Only a few months to go!

My loves

My husband,

Who gets two letters instead of one. Thank you for loving me. I know that it isn’t always easy to love this sinner, but I am glad that you do. Thanks for pursuing me. It is so nice to know that I am completely loved for who I am.


Your wife/mama


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