Adam and Eve Activity

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If you were around a few weeks ago, you saw the Adam and Eve lesson plan.
Written by a former teacher turned stay at home mama, this lesson plan is exciting, interactive and will keep your preschoolers attention!
Today, I wanted to share one of the ideas from that plan in order to help you visualize what I’m talking about. I am also taking part in an awesome blog hop with activities for each ‘chapter’ of the Jesus Storybook Bible. I am so excited to share with you my lesson for today and a lesson on Noah’s Ark, tomorrow. So make sure you come on back and check it out!
Jesus Storybook Bible Pin Plain
This activity is to be done on the first day of our week long unit on Adam and Eve (and teaching obedience).You will need some pipe cleaners. Which we LOVE to play with around here. You can find some to get shipped right to your house in a few days, on Amazon.
You and your little one create a pipe cleaner snake. This was mine. Beautiful, isn’t it?
Adam and Eve activity using the Jesus Storybook Bible!
 We talked about the letter S and how snakes make the same sound as the letter S.
Adam and Eve activity using the Jesus Storybook Bible!
Then, we read Genesis 2-3:24 aloud. Each time my little one heard the word ‘snake’ she held the snake in their air and made a hissing sound. When we were finished reading, we talked about temptation and how sometimes, we are tempted to do things to disobey, but that isn’t what God wants. God wants us to have a heart of obedience.
Adam and Eve activity using the Jesus Storybook Bible!
This page has been viewed over and over again in our house. My little one loves to tell me the story and make sure that I know that Adam and Eve got a consequence (yes, she says that word) for disobeying God.
Adam and Eve activity using the Jesus Storybook Bible!
 If you are looking for more lesson plans for preschoolers, check out this lesson plan for the story of Jonah:
This is such a fun lesson to teach preschoolers the story of Jonah and the whale!

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