A simple weekly cleaning schedule

Sometimes, I just feel like the world’s worst homemaker. Especially when I have two toddlers at home and am in the last trimester of pregnancy. It just seems impossible to get motivated and get stuff done. Having a cleaning schedule has made life SO much easier.

Cleaning Schedule

This cleaning schedule is super simple and is separated into daily, weekly, and even monthly tasks to keep me organized. It helps me not feel so overwhelmed with my housekeeping chores.

I will admit that I have vacuum down on only one day, but I usually end up vacuuming around three times a week. If you don’t have little ones, you probably don’t need it as much. Also, sometimes, I have to sweep more than twice a week for that same reason. (Toddlers are messy, what can I say?)


Also, I want to explain my reason for only doing one drawer or cabinet in the kitchen. Often, I don’t have time to do a complete kitchen overhaul. Basically, what I need is maintenance. So, if I do a different shelf in the fridge each week, that only takes me five or ten minutes max. Yet, I have a perpetually clean fridge, since each shelf gets done around once a month. That is much less daunting that having to completely clean the fridge each month, which ends up taking me like an hour or more.This simple cleaning schedule makes household chores a breeze. Including daily, weekly and monthly chore tasks!

Do you keep a cleaning schedule in your home? What would you add or take away to this cleaning schedule?


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Having a Schedule as a Stay at Home mama is essential for keeping your sanity!

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  1. Sophie Hoffman says:

    Cleaning schedules are great to have. No matter for cleaning, organizing, studying or anything else. I love making cleaning checklists as the cleaning becomes so easy with them. Thanks for sharing your cleaning schedule! It is great and I think that it will work great for me! 🙂

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