Interview with the husband

You all get to hear me every day on this blog. I thought I might spice it up a little and let you hear from the most important person in my life.

This is my husband. husband interview (1)

He’s a stud muffin. (Easy ladies, he’s taken)

He is also the most incredible person I have ever known. After five years of marriage, our only regret is that we didn’t marry sooner. (Although God TOTALLY knows what he’s doing, neither of us were ready for marriage any sooner) Maybe one day, I will share our ‘love story’ with ya’ll.

husband interview (2)

Using some of your questions, and some spur of the moment ones, I interviewed my man. Sit back and enjoy, this is him. Pure, authentic Greg.

Oh, I should probably tell you, I interviewed him while he was…indisposed, so to speak. He was in the bathroom and I had a VERY captive audience to ask my questions.

Me: How are you feeling?

Greg: Poopy.

He WAS in the bathroom, after all. Makes sense, but still, I pressed him for a better answer.

Greg: Excited

Me: Why?

Greg: To see what happens next

Me: Like, in life?

Greg: Yes. Oh I started the dishwasher.

Long pause while I type his responses.

Greg: What are you doing?

Me: Writing your answers. Hey! You can’t ask me questions. I’m the one asking questions here.

Short pause

Greg: Oh. You didn’t tell me the rules beforehand.

Me: Are you ready for other questions?

Greg: No, but go ahead.

I laugh at his honesty.

Greg: This is very serious

I like that he takes my blogging business seriously!

Me: What was the best part about your day?

Greg: Hmm… Holding you tight as we snuggled.

Let me tell you here, that I have a bad cold. I have been in bed a lot with boxes of tissues.

Me: Even though I had to blow my nose every couple minutes?

Greg: I didn’t even notice.

Me: Okay, How do you feel about me being preggo?

Greg:  You look good.

Me: What is the best part about me being preggo?

Greg: We are blessed with another arrow in our quiver.

He is referring to this passage of Scripture.

Me: What is the worst part about me being preggo?

Greg:Not knowing which hormones to talk to

Me:   What does that mean?

Greg: I’m not sure if I should be extra sensitive or joke with you, until it’s too late and your hormones…uh… leaked out.

He might be referring to the time I threw one of the kid’s animals at him in a rage. Or maybe it was the time that I picked up Gracie’s favorite stuffed animal and started crying. Or maybe it was…well, let’s just say he is a patient man!

Me: So you’re saying I’m hormonal?

Greg: Maybe… I’m saying I like your smile.

Me: How often do you read my blog?

Greg: I try to every day that you have a new post.

If you ever read the comments at the bottom of my posts, you might see someone called “Hubby” posting comments. That would be my man. It isn’t every day, but it is pretty frequent. He will probably comment on this one.

Me: Do you like reading my blog?

Greg: Oh yes, it gives me more information and a different insight about my beloved.

Me: I like that you call me your beloved.

Greg: I like you.

Me: Are you ever embarrassed about something I put on the blog?

Greg: Probably. It might be this post.

Me: What is something you love about me that you never anticipated before marriage?

Greg: Whoah….. Anticipated?

Long pause

Greg: That means I have to remember what I anticipated before marriage.

Gives a little chuckle. The one where I know exactly what he’s thinking.

Greg: nope, can’t put that one in the blog.

Long Pause

Greg: Anticipated? Hmmm.

Another chuckle

Greg: Nope, I anticipated that.

Another pause.

Greg: I think I anticipated all of you.

Long pause

Greg: Do I have you in suspense?

Me: YES!

Greg: I love how you…well, it’s a love/hate…how you constantly seek to improve. Improve yourself, myself, our marriage, our parenting.

Me:  Okay, so why is it love/hate?

Greg: Well, maybe not hate. But it’s not my natural tendency to fix things that don’t seem broke. But in the end, it’s so wonderful how we work on things.

I’m smiling as I type this out, I already knew he thought this and I figured this would be his answer.

The toilet flushes. The interview is done.

Greg: I’m gonna go collect the trash, K?

Me: Thanks, honey.


I’m so glad to have a husband who’s willing to allow me to ask him questions and post it for the world to see. What would you like to know? Any questions we missed?


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