Proverbs 31 Bible study: Verse 10

This year, I am trying to learn what it means to be a godly woman. Periodically, you will see me post on things I am learning in Scripture. It’s raw and vulnerable, and straight out of my personal journal.

I wanted to share some things I am learning as I go through Proverbs 31 in hopes that it might encourage you and possibly challenge you in your role. Whether you role is a wife, grandma, or single woman; we can gain a lot of great wisdom from this chapter.

You ready?

Let’s dive in!

Proverbs 31 Bible study: Verse 10

When I was in college, I struggled in my friendships. I wanted close girl friends who I could talk to about all that was in my heart. However, those friends were hard to come by. It was hard to find a gal my age, who was more willing to talk about her relationship with God than her relationship with the latest guy. I felt alone and weird. Why did I have so many superficial friends but no close friendships? I had friends tell me I was different, I even had friends say that they liked that I was different and unique, but they didn’t want to be that way. I was rare. In hindsight, I see what a gift that was. Yet, it felt very weird and wrong to be that way in our culture.

A wife of noble character is rare. She is not something so easily found. Not every man gets a woman of noble character, it comes with diligent search. If you are single, be encouraged! If you are a woman of noble character, it takes time to find you. There isn’t one on every street corner. On the other hand, if you look just like the rest of the world, chances are you are not a woman of virtue. It might be hard for this woman to find girl friends with similar interests as her, because her interests are more focused on pleasing God than pleasing herself.

This passage encourages us to be different. It says that a wife of noble character is rare, like a hidden jewel. Something that isn’t easily obtained, and odd in the midst of regular stones.

Application questions:

  1. Do I stand out as different from the world, as a rare jewel? Or am I just like everyone else?
  2. What character traits in me are not noble? Or in what areas do I need to grow in my character?


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  1. Hubby says:

    Thank you for being my rare jewel Precious! I am glad that Christ has worked on you, like a diamond needs time and pressure, to make you as beautiful as you are! You bless me

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