Glimpses from our first week

This has been our first week as a family of five. It has been beautiful, challenging, special, and fast. I have glimpses of memories from this last week. Such as:


Waiting in triage, with Greg’s hand in mine, wondering about our baby. Listening with relief to the horse gallop rhythm of his heart on the monitor. Hoping to meet our sweet boy. Praying they wouldn’t be sending us home like last time.

Glimpses from our week (4)

Lying in the hospital bed next to my husband. Exhausted from laboring all day, excited that Levi was finally here and overwhelmed with love for both.

Glimpses from our week (1)

Gracie’s face when she first met her new brother. A look of wonder followed by pure horror when Levi started crying. Then, “I don’t like the baby crying.” Me neither, baby doll.

Glimpses from our week (3)

Rocking little Levi to sleep on my chest while the household sleeps. Enjoying every snuggle, every sigh, every baby spasm. Soon, he will be too old for snuggle time, too big to sleep on my chest, and too active to just lay with me. So for now, I will enjoy the sleepless nights. It won’t last long.

Glimpses from our week (2)

What is a special memory or glimpse that you have from this week?

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  1. susan says:

    So incredibly sweet. Lovely mama, such beautiful memories, precious baby boy. How wonderful is our God.

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