When words are unnecessary

On Easter Sunday, we finally got some family pictures taken together. Our dear cousin, Kaylie, took them for us and I am so happy that we got a few good ones.

Easter pics (2)

Every good photographer knows that the success is found in the quantity of pictures taken. So, rather than narrate each picture, I will just let them speak for themselves.

Easter pics (6)

 Toddler aerobics.

Easter pics (7)

Easter pics (8)

I really like this man…

38 weeks

Easter pics (5)

Family snuggles.

Easter pics (9)

And my personal favorite…

    Easter pics (4)

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  1. rachel cartucci says:

    You were all cute in pregnancy….I always look like a serious beer drinker or something. My belly never gets that cute roundness…mine looks like a spare tire. BAHAHA!!! Lovely pics.

    • Tales of Beauty for Ashes says:

      HA! I think every mama to be thinks they look like a cow in pregnancy. Thank you for your sweet words, but trust me…I had my own thoughts of how cute (or not so much) I thought I was. And now…to get rid of that baby weight!

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