Joyfully Overwhelmed

A few weeks before Levi was born, we received a note in the mail from an old friend. I hadn’t heard from this friend in a few years, so I was a little surprised to see the return address. Inside was a sweet card, along with a gift card to a nearby restaurant. In the note, he mentioned that we might be needing a meal out in the next few months, and he just wanted to help out a little.

overwhelmed (5)Overwhelmed. That describes how I have felt in the last few weeks. Joyfully overwhelmed.

I have been amazed at how God has used the people around us to provide abundantly over and above anything we could ever imagine.

overwhelmed (2)

The guys that work with Greg pulled together a fund for us, which will come as an amazing help with all the medical bills we were unprepared for. It was unexpected, and it blessed us immensely.

People have opened up their pantries and their fridges, they have made us wonderful meals and even had a few delivered. I have been so grateful for every person who has brought a meal. Some even remembered our other munchkins and brought special treats for Gracie and Benjamin, a few folks brought diapers. I never would have thought to bring diapers with a meal, much less bring little gifts for the siblings of the new baby.

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One of the most amazing things we have received was from people I have never even met. A card came in the mail that was from someone in Washington. I used to live there, so it wasn’t unusual to see a return address from Washington state, but I didn’t recognize the name as anyone I knew personally. When I opened it, there was an adorable card signed by faithful prayer warriors in a Bible study in Lynnwood. They had pooled together and bought us a gift card to use for a ‘baby shower‘. These women, who only know me through the words on this blog and the praise of my mom (they were part of her Bible study group), gave us something we will never repay.

Overwhelmed. Do you see now why this word totally describes how we feel?

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Just yesterday, as we were using a burp rag with Benjamin’s name on it, Greg observed that Benjamin received two monogrammed gifts when he was born. One from my Bible study leader last year and another from some faithful Angel friends. When we went to get the mail, those Angel friends sent us this adorable lamb for our little Levi. And how perfect that it was a lamb since his initials are LAM!

We have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of love, grace, prayers and resources. We have seen God’s hand in the midst of all of this. From the meals to the lamb and everything in between, God has opened the floodgates of blessing and poured it upon us – through you all. Thank you so much. Know that you have all helped our faith grow by leaps and bounds, you have showed us the merciful and gracious hand of our Father in Heaven. And if we weren’t convinced before, we are solid believers that we love a God who GREATLY desires to give good gifts to His children. Amazing grace. To think that the spiritual gifts He gives us are even more abundant and amazing than anything we can ever experience in this life, is an incredible thought.

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Although not everything is wonderful, on the contrary, we received some news at our doctor’s appointment yesterday that was a little discouraging (which I will update you all on once I get another moment). We have peace knowing that our God sees and is there to take care of anything that comes our way has convinced us that we have no reason to fear or worry.

His grace is amazing. It is right in front of us, if we just have the eyes to look for it.

How have you seen the grace of God in your life lately?

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  1. susan says:

    Those ladies in WA are prayer warriors and some of the most loving people I’ve ever met. In addition, they put feet to their faith and not only love but they act. They are such an inspiration to me!

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