Goals for the week and a few thoughts

I know… it’s Tuesday.

The week has already started and I am just now figuring out my goals for this week.

I can’t blame it on the pregnancy brain anymore…or can I? (I kid, folks)

life lately and goals (2)

Maybe I can just chalk it up to the chaos that is our life right now. It’s a beautiful, messy and sometimes bloody, chaos.

Goals for this week:

  • Take all the kids to Costco. I know, it probably doesn’t seem like that big of a deal to you families with lots of kiddos. However, it is a little daunting to me.
  • Go for a run 3x – I made it two times last week. It seems that the extra running and walking in the heat is starting to affect my milk production. I’m not sure yet how to fix this. I have been drinking more, but that doesn’t seem to be helping. Any ideas?
  • Get up early for time in the Word – I was convicted recently, that I have been making sleep more of a priority than my Bible time. Then I wonder why I am not as loving with my family…hmmm. It’s interesting how when I get up early to have time in the Word, the rest of my day goes so much smoother and I am such a nicer mama/wife.
  • Take a video every day this week – I did a pretty good job taking pictures last week, now I want to bump up my game and take some more video. I don’t want this precious time to fly by and leave me wondering why I didn’t document anything. Be on the lookout on Instagram and Facebook for some videos this week.

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  • Complete 4 planned activities this week – I have a whole preschool unit planned, but I haven’t done much of it. It seems like the whole day goes by and then, I realize, I totally missed out on our activities. This week, my plan is to do at least four. We shall see…
  • Be more intentional about speaking Greg’s love language – his love language is NOT the same as mine. It is the one that is the furthest down on my list. I have to be very intentional about thinking of ways to show Greg love in the way he receives it most. This week, I am striving to be better at this.
  • Spend one on one time with each kid every day -this one is easy for Levi, I do this while nursing. With the other two…not so much.

A few random thoughts from our week:

life lately and goals (3)

Gracie is pointing out what she drew, “That’s Adam and Eve and they disobeyed in the garden.”

  • I gave Gracie her very own prayer journal to use when she reads the Bible. Now, when I get out my Bible and prayer journal, she gets hers out and colors. It is so cute to have her sitting next to me, reading the Bible and coloring in her journal.
  • The other day, she told me, “If you read your Bible, I will read mine. If you do not read your Bible, I will not read mine.” I was convicted again by this little girl. How true that is. As a mama, my example is so important to this little one.

Bible time

  • I have started giving Benjamin time out as discipline when he acts up. I tell him to go sit on the couch and have time out. He then goes and sticks his head in the couch, like an ostrich and whines. I know I should be sympathetic to his toddler plight, but I think it is hilarious.
  • Gracie has started doing push ups (kinda), after watching me and her daddy doing them. One day last week, she was doing them and her brother came to give her a hug. At the same time, she pushed up and knocked him in the nose. What was the result? You guessed it! Blood. This boy mama thing is a very bloody experience.
  • Did you see the update on Levi’s cystic hygroma? We are grateful and praising God for what He has done, won’t you join us?
  • I tried to make veggie burgers out of zucchini squash. It wasn’t pretty. My husband had to come save the day.
life lately and goals (1)

The one on the top left is the one Greg made, the rest are mine. Not pretty.

What are some goals you have for this week?

Do you use a prayer journal? I wonder if Gracie will keep it up as she gets older, right now, it is just a fun way for the two of us to bond.

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