Goals for this week and a few musings

Yeah, it’s Wednesday.

My week goals start whenever I get the chance to sit down and create them.

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It’s not on Sunday.

Probably won’t happen on Mondays.

I’m excited if I get it done by Tuesday.

I’m not a complete failure that this week took me till Wednesday.

I look at my goals as more guidelines.

Jack.Sparrow. - Goals? They're more like guidelines

So, without further adieu:

  • Continue waking up early: I want to make it a priority to wake up before the rest of the house each day to spend time in the Word. This time is so amazing, I miss it when I sleep in. Sleep seems so good for the moment, but the rest of the day suffers as a result.
  • Go for a run 3x this week: I’m still struggling with this one since my milk supply runs low each day I do this. If I have to choose to get in shape or have a well-fed baby, I will chose the well-fed baby. Pass the chocolates!
  • Try to find a plastic picnic table: I would really like to get a cheap (or free!) plastic picnic table for the kiddos. I have some pretty messy activities coming up to do with them and I would much prefer to do them outside!
  • Get the family on a routine/schedule: I think we finally have Levi on a schedule, at least until the next growth spurt. Now, I would like to get the family into a good rhythm. It’s hard on the kids, and mama, to have a different sleep time each night.

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  • Plan Gracie’s birthday party: She’s turning three in just two weeks. I should probably figure out a way to celebrate.
  • Be more affirming to the children: I have a constant struggle between affirming my children and being the disciplinarian. I don’t walk that balance beam very well. I need to work on building them up more, I know they crave that positive attention. I want to give it.
  • Couch time with the hubby: I miss my husband. Life seems to be going in the fast lane so much that we haven’t had much time to sit and connect. This needs to be a prime priority.

Musings from the week:

  • We made it to Costco last week. They had no samples and I spent too much money, but we all survived! Since then, I have felt free to run errands with all three without hesitation.
  • The kids have been…rough. It seems that overnight, Gracie entered the Threenager stage and Benjamin entered the terrible twos. There is hitting, there is outright disobedience “Oh, you don’t want me to touch this? This thing right here? The thing I am STILL touching.” Yeah, that. It has been tough. Add to that extra work that Greg is doing and less time at home for him and you have one worn out mama. (See positive affirming goal above!)

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  • Levi has been sleeping like a champ. I know he will enter a regression stage, where he will wake up a lot more. Currently, though, I am enjoying this stage of a little more sleep. Aka: one or maybe, two wakeups each night
  • I’ve started making the most amazing cookie bars as a snack. I tell myself that these are good for me, because oatmeal and coconut oil help with milk production. I will post the recipe soon, but if you like dark chocolate and cookies…then you are in for a treat!

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  • I love this picture. My dad’s laughter. Benjamin’s milk amusement. Levi gazing at his daddy. It is perfect!

Do you have any ideas of how to celebrate Gracie’s 3rd Birthday? Her birthday is on July 4th, so in the past, we have done a firework theme. She’s not really into any commercial things, so Frozen or princesses are out.

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  1. Ruth Reilmann says:

    How about a tea party? Invite 3 other little girls. Tell them to wear a dress & a hat if they have one. Serve small sandwiches, cookies, fruit tea, etc. Should 6 great fun.

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