Goals for the week and a few new musings

Our internet was down this week. I called and was told there was an outage in the area, which would be fixed ASAP. ASAP turned into about 12 hours. However, they did give me a credit of one day on my bill. I might go out and buy a gumball with that.

Goals for this week:

Make homemade hummus and salsa – I am getting back into the rhythm of being in the kitchen. When you have a newborn and two toddlers, it just seems like there is no time to do anything else. Now that life has settled into more of a routine, I am glad to be back in the kitchen making yumminess!

my munchkins (1)

Fix my freezer jam – I broke it. I made a ton of freezer jam with some strawberries that were on sale, but the jam turned out to be the consistency of…maybe like honey? It’s not pure liquid, but it isn’t a set jam either. Anyone have any ideas of what to do about this?

Make granola bars – I am resisting the urge to make a huge batch of the cookie bars that I talked about in this post. Instead, I am going to make a more healthy option of granola bars.

Do discipline detox –  After going on vacation and staying with the grandparents, the two older kids seemed to have forgotten that they have rules and boundaries. We are going to be doing a discipline detox, where my main focus this week is to work on training them for obedience, rather than being the lazy mama who asks them to do something ten times without following up. (Yeah, I take the lazy mama approach more often than I care to admit)

my munchkins (4)

Teach Gracie how to fold towels – I want to teach Gracie a new chore every month. This month, we are working on folding clothes and this week, specifically, she is working on folding towels.

Continue Gracie’s allowance – We started giving Gracie an allowance (I will try to write a post explaining what we are doing, for those who want to know), but I am not very good at follow through. I need to be better about giving our her pennies and remembering to give her opportunities to earn them.

Switch clothes in closet -I think it is finally time to switch out my pregnancy clothes to my regular clothes. I admit that I have a little fear, because it seems the last two times I did the switch, I found out I was pregnant only a few months later. Hmm…

Some musings over this week:

Last week, we went to Chick fil A dressed like a cow and got free meals. Did anyone else do this? I’ve never seen any cows cuter than these three.

my munchkins (3)

Levi has been going through a stage where he does not want to go to sleep. A few weeks ago, we went on vacation with for family and everyone wanted to hold him, he was almost never put down. I guess he decided he like that way of life better, so now when I put him down there is screaming and gnashing of gums. It’s not fun.

This morning, the kids went into my room. They stayed in there for a while and just about the time I went to my room and investigate, they came out. Like this:

my munchkins (2)

Greg and I went on our first date in three months and it was so nice. With the craziness of having three littles, it is so hard to find time to connect. We were able to gaze into each other’s eyes, flirt and talk about life.

I wrote a post. It was probably my most controversial post yet. I lost followers, people got mad, but I just had to. My heart was bursting forth and this is my place to share it. What did you think? Do you agree with it, or did it make you mad?

Did you know that I have coauthored a book? I’m not talking about the 30 day marriage challenge. I’m talking about this one:




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