Ten Reasons your preschoolers should go to the aquarium

A few weeks ago, we took a trip to the SEA LIFE Aquarium in Grapevine, Texas. We were given some tickets in order to visit and facilitate a post about our trip.

SEALIFEaquarium9 It was our first fishy experience, to be sure. Rather than tell you all about our time there, I want to give you ten reasons your preschoolers or other littles should go to the aquarium. If you are local and looking for a good one to visit, you should check out the SEA LIFE Aquarium.


    1. Fish are much more fun to look at in person than on Youtube. In preparation for our aquarium visit, we looked at some fish online. As interesting as the video was, we much preferred seeing the fish in real life.

  1. Fish aren’t bothered too much by little kids. Have you ever been to the zoo or other attractions where signs say something like, “Don’t touch the glass” or “Whisper, so as not to bother the animals.”? Well, that makes for a very boring trip if you have little kids. Being able to touch the glass, smoosh their noses against the glass and excitedly talk about what they see makes a visit to the aquarium a great place for littles.SEALIFEaquarium11
  2. The interactive exhibits. At the SEA LIFE Aquarium, they have a place where children (and adults) can interact with some of the underwater creatures. You can touch, pet, hold, and talk to starfish and other water friends.SEALIFEaquarium12
  3. Educational opportunities. Little ones learn best from real life experience. Being able to see the fish in real life is so much more fun for them than singing songs about them. Although, songs about fish are good, too! SEALIFEaquarium1
  4. It’s a great bonding time. We brought along the grandparents and made a day trip out of it. It is easier for my parents to take day trips with us than do a week long vacation. The aquarium makes for a great mini vacation to take with friends or family. SEALIFEaquarium4
  5. The bubble viewers. I am sure not all aquariums have them, but these bubble viewers were so much fun for our kiddos. The kids could not only look in on the glass outside the tank, but there was a bubble that went into the tank that they could peek at the fishies swimming around. It seems that some adults enjoyed this, too. SEALIFEaquarium5
  6. It makes Finding Nemo so much more real. All through the aquarium, my kiddos were spotting Nemo, Dory and the other friends from that movie.
  7. Combine trips. The SEA LIFE Aquarium, it is connected to the mall, so after you finish at the aquarium, you can go shopping or eat at a restaurant. It makes things easy and convenient.

    Photo courtesy of SEALIFE Grapevine

  8. Learn about different habitats. At the SEA LIFE aquarium, they have a new rainforest exhibit. It was fun to talk to the kids about different animals and fish that are in different habitats. SEALIFEaquarium3
  9. Naptime. After spending a few hours or all day at the aquarium, your kiddos will sleep really well in the car and that night. That is ALWAYS a perk for a mama/papa of young kiddos. SEALIFEaquarium6 SEALIFEaquarium8
  10. The views. This was our favorite room at SEALIFE, it was a 360 view aquarium. Levi wanted to stay in this room forever!


Have you visited the aquarium as a family? What is YOUR favorite part?


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