Baby Levi – 5 months old!

Sweet boy,

I love life with you. Right now, you are in your bouncer right next to me. Every time I look at you, your face breaks out into a huge smile. Its one of my favorite smiles in the whole world.


You are growing so fast. I haven’t started you on solids yet, although many experts say it’s time. I’m holding off as long as possible because, well, it’s messy and it makes your poo smell worse. Besides, you seem to be enjoying the milk you get from your mama just fine. No need to go and change things up quite yet.

You are sleeping through the night. Sometimes, you still wake up in the middle of the night but all you want is for me to put the paci in and you are good to go!


You are rolling over and trying to crawl, but I’m trying to hold you off on that for a while too. It’s kinda nice to know that you will stay where I put you and I don’t have to chase after you quite yet. I will have about 18 years of chasing after you, so give me these six months of stillness, okay?

You have found your thumb. Neither Gracie nor Benjamin sucked on their thumb, but you have already found it and realized that it is the next best thing to breast milk.


You love to talk. You will squeal and talk to us all day long about all kinds of Levi things. It’s pretty cute, but I think sometimes, it might bother the ladies at Bible study.

Speaking of Bible study, you have to stay with me for a few weeks. They don’t have room for your quite yet in your BSF class, so they asked me to take you with me to class for a while. It just means you and I get a lot of extra snuggle time, which we both enjoy.


You aren’t yet able to put your pacifier in by yourself, but you sure love taking that thing out. Sometimes, I wonder if it’s a baby ploy to get me to come in your room again and and again.

No matter, I love seeing you. Morning, noon and yes, even the middle of the night. I love to see your little face. You bring such delight to our home and our hearts. Gracie and Benjamin already want to play with you, and I know that you three will have a great time when you get a little older. I look forward to watching you three grow together.


Happy five months old, little one. I love you!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow he looks great!! Our baby girl will be here in a few week. I’m so excited and nervous at the same time to finally meet her and see this mass that has weighed on us. Can i ask you what made your doctors decide on treating early? Our docs are saying they may not treat right away.

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