Goals for the week and a few more musings

It’s Monday.

And my goals are done for the week!

Oh, and by that I mean that I have come up with them, not that I’ve already accomplished them.

I’m all about grace here.

You might be able to tell this about me already, but I am NOT a perfectionist.

Caterpillar Craft

Here is our caterpillar craft that was subsequently destroyed.


So, it’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted goals. Mainly because my computer was broken so the posts had to stop for a bit. Dad let me borrow his computer while ours is in the husband shop. That means that the husband is working on it when he gets time to. It is hard to find time these days though, when there are three little ones running around. So many bottoms to wipe, mouths to feed and bodies to snuggle with. Computers kind of get the last priority.

On to the goals.

Family Goals:

  • Have at least one in home date with the husband
  • Couch time with the hubby every day
  • Be intentional about questions – the hubby and I came up with a list of questions to ask each other during couch time. I’ll post those questions, soon.
  • Read at least one book to each kid every day. Often times we will read a bunch of books one day, but then we will go a few days and not read any. I need to be better about reading with them every day.
  • Get out little man to sleep through the night. More on that below.



  • Complete my Pinterest challenge – please help me out by voting for what fall project I should do this week!
  • Make homemade granola bars
  • Deep clean one room in the house
  • Plan for preschool lessons each evening before bed, so we are ready to go the next day


  • Have time in the Word every morning – this also means waking up early
  • Go for a run 3x this week
  • Take pictures every day this week

Gracie studying the Bible

A few musings for this week:

Levi has slept through the night, I think he is ready. It’s one of those bittersweet things. I will be ready to sleep a full night without getting up, but I will miss the midnight feedings with my little one. This is just another step in him growing up. Soon, he’ll be going off to college. (Sigh)

We have entered the stage in our lives where I cannot go anywhere with the three kiddos without someone saying, “You have your hands full.” It always makes me smile. It doesn’t annoy me, but it does make me laugh. My good friend, Belinda came up with a perfect retort, “Yes! Full of grace and blessings.” I’m totally going to start using it.


This is Gracie in her hot air balloon!!

Gracie is completely diaper free. It seems that as soon as she turned three she was finished with diapers completely. It is great, I only have two kiddos in diapers now! I guess that means it’s time for another one, right?

What have you been up to lately? Do you have any goals for the week?

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