Goals for the week and a few musings

The goals last week didn’t exactly go as expected.

But, as I’ve stated before, the goals are really more like guidelines.


A few things happened that I didn’t plan for (isn’t that the way life is, though?) First of all, I have been having foot pain. Upon going to the doctor and getting x-rayed, it seems that I have a stress fracture in both of my feet.



Apparently, being pregnant for three years means that my bones are a little more flexible than normal. Unfortunately, that also means that I am not supposed to be running (or even on my feet) for a while.


You know the worst part about it? This is the time of year that is the BEST to go running in Texas. It is cool enough that I can go running and just enjoy the breeze. As opposed to a month ago, when I ran and felt like a frog slowly being cooked in a pot of water.


The other thing I realized is that when we go from having nothing during the week (aka summer) to having a week full of activities, then we don’t get much time to do our preschool lessons. I need to work on getting a new routine going in our house.


Someone asked me on this post, whether I had an update for routines with three littles. I need to get that up for ya’ll.


Goals for this week are going to be a little more laid back.


Family Goals:

Read to the kids each night before bed – we are trying to have each parent read a book of choice to each kid at night. It is a special time of bonding one on one with each little one.

In home date with the hubby.

Be intentional about couch time and questions. 

Write in the kid’s journals

Homemaking Goals:

Figure out how to use up all my apples. I got apples on sale for a great price, but now I am trying to figure out creative and yummy ways to use them!

Create a new schedule for the family

Set up Gracie’s store for her allowance

Plan activities for our vacation in a few weeks

Personal Goals:

Get healed so I can be active again! This means that I need to take it easy. Something I really don’t enjoy doing.

Get up early for my time in the Word.

Continue to take pictures, daily.

Write a handwritten letter to someone this week


Side note: While Benjamin was in the yard moving the pool all around, here is what Gracie girl was doing. The entire time. There might be a difference in energy levels here.


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