Parenting Challenge

Parenting is tough work.

Between the constant diaper changes, the battles for independence, the fussy babies who are desperate for naptime but resisting with all their might, and the overall lack of sleep for mama…it can be a tough job.

Lately, I have found myself being only a shadow of the mama I want to be. kids (2)

I have heard myself snap at my children, when they are only asking a valid question.

I have found myself frowning more than smiling.

I have given more criticism than compliments.

At the end of the day, I’m exhausted and yet, I feel bad because I didn’t love them well.

I need to refocus.

I need something to bring me back to the mama I want to be.

That is why I am starting the Authentic Parenting Challenge aka the 30 Day Parenting Challenge.

kids (3)

Guys, I need this.

It’s why I wrote the 30 Day Marriage Challenge. I knew I needed a change for my marriage, and after 30 days, I saw such a difference in my marriage that I know this parenting challenge will help. Basically, when we take the time to be intentional about our relationships, that is when we can see it transform into something even better.

This parenting business isn’t something that comes naturally. It is something we have to be intentional about. Thinking about other people, putting them first; these aren’t things that we often do easily. When a little person mouths off, or a preschooler tellsĀ  you that you are wrong about something; it isn’t natural to stop and wonder why they said that or where they are coming from.

That is why parenting is so hard, it fights against our selfish tendencies. Those tendencies that tell us that we ‘deserve’ something. We ‘deserve’ a break. We have earned that chocolate bar. We ‘need’ a little Facebook or Pinterest time. Our favorite T.V. show is essential to de-stress. In fact, none of those are true. They are just signs that we are surviving in our jobs (as parents) rather than thriving.

kids (1)

Let’s change that.

I’m going to start giving myself challenges. But I should give you a caveat; these won’t be every single day, since, well…since I’m doing life with my kiddos and don’t have time to do it every day. But, by the end of this, we will have enough challenges to last us a month. I might post one challenge and then not do another one for a few days, that just gives us extra practice, right?

So, are you feeling brave? Are you feeling like maybe you need a jump start in your parenting?

Join me! Let’s dive in and work to become the mamas and daddies that we are called to be.

30 day parenting chalenge

The 30 Day Parenting Challenge

#1 Be a student of your children

#2 One on one time with your kids

#3 Look for the good in your kids



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  1. Susan says:

    this is a GREAT idea! When I read the 30 day Marriage Challenge, it occurred to me that so much of it was applicable to any relationship, but I did not think of toddlers. It’s brilliant. Can’t wait to read, and apply, them

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