Promised Land Zoo in Branson

Last week, we went on vacation to Branson, Missouri. While there, we wanted to take in some of the sights. One of the things that we were able to see was the Promised Land Zoo. We were given some tickets and were so excited to check it out.

Promised Land Zoo (2)

Let me tell you, it exceeded all my expectations.

Promised Land Zoo (3)

The kids had a blast (as did the adults)!

As soon as we entered, there were some animal exhibits behind glass. My kiddos would have loved to have stayed there and watched those animals the entire time, but a show was about to start.

Promised Land Zoo (4)

I gave Benjamin a chance to say goodbye to his favorite buddy, and off we went to see the show.

Normally, in shows like this, they show you the animals and talk about them a little. This one was similar except for one thing; you got to TOUCH the animals!

Promised Land Zoo (6)

Have you ever petted a porcupine? Touched a toad? Snuggled with a squirrel?

Well, we can say that we have done this and more!

After the show, we toured around the park and took some pictures.

Promised Land Zoo (7)   Promised Land Zoo (5)

I loved how there were Scriptures all over the park. They even had the Romans Road at the entrance.

Promised Land Zoo (8)

Then, came the kid’s favorite part – bottle feeding!

There was a chance to bottle feed goats, camels and even a kangaroo. I noticed that everyone went to the kangaroo line, so we headed over to bottle feed the goats and camels. Each kid got their own bottle and the animals went crazy for their milk.

Promised Land Zoo (9)

Admittedly, I didn’t see anything overly fascinating about this. I mean…I do this every day with my own baby! But the kiddos had a ball.

The camels seemed to enjoy it, too.

Promised Land Zoo (12)

Side note: Did you know that camels make really deep grunting noises when they want their milk? It sounds a little like a grown man going, “Hmmmmmmmm.” See, these are the things you learn at the Promised Land Zoo.

Promised Land Zoo (10)

After the bottle feeding, a sweet man came up and gave the kids some food to feed the animals with. The Promised Land Zoo provides food that you can feed to the animals for a fee. The kids were so excited to use this food to feed the different animals.

Promised Land Zoo (11)

The animals really enjoyed it too.

Promised Land Zoo (16)

Have you ever been photobombed by a camel before?

Promised Land Zoo (13)

It isn’t pretty.

Promised Land Zoo (14)

Unless you have a thing for camels.

Promised Land Zoo (15)

But the best part?

Promised Land Zoo (17)

The best part, in my opinion, was the birds.

Promised Land Zoo (18)

They give you a stick with peanut butter on it and send you into this room. In the room, the birds are free to fly around. As soon as you walk in with that stick, the birds come running. Or flocking, in this case.

Promised Land Zoo (19)

You can tell that Gracie really enjoyed it.

Promised Land Zoo (20)

No, really, she did.

Promised Land Zoo (21)

I was the picture taker and was bummed I didn’t get my chance to hold a stick.

But then, I did.

Promised Land Zoo (22)

It was absolutely delightful!

I am so glad I didn’t miss this part.

Promised Land Zoo (1)

I now know what Cinderella and Snow White felt like with all the birds as their friends.

If you are reading this, then I consider you a friend. So, my friends, I will do what any good friend would do and tell you that if you are ever in Branson, you HAVE to check out the Promised Land Zoo.

It is worth every penny!


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