Pumpkin Patch 2015

Bobbing for apples, hayrides, farmer’s markets; there is just something special about the activities of fall.

pumpkin patch (2)

This might be my favorite season.

pumpkin patch (3)

Of, course, I say that and then, winter comes and I’m all, “OH winter!! I LOVE you, too!”

pumpkin patch (4)

Nevertheless, fall is a favorite. It’s at least in the top four ranking of seasons.

pumpkin patch (14)

One of those fun things about fall, those typical bucket list items, is a pumpkin patch. We try to go every year, now that we have kids. And I gotta say, going with the kids now is a whole lot more fun than when we went and Gracie was a baby.

pumpkin patch (5)

You get moments like this.

pumpkin patch (7)

And this.

pumpkin patch (6)

You get rubber duck races,

pumpkin patch (8)

and rides on plastic horses.

pumpkin patch (9)

You can’t forget to take the gramma, who is always available for baby snuggles!

pumpkin patch (10)

As is the mama.

pumpkin patch (11)

It was so much fun, that after a few hours, the kids looked like this:

pumpkin patch (12)

If you have been in parenting world long, then you probably know exactly what those faces mean. Benjamin is about to fall asleep where he stands and Gracie is throwing a fit. Yep, I’d say it was a success!

pumpkin patch (15)

Can you spot my pumpkins in this picture?

pumpkin patch (13)

The crew (minus the picture taker, of course).

pumpkin patch (16)

And then, there are the childrens. See their wonderful personalities coming out? (Gosh, I love them!)

pumpkin patch (1)

What about you, have you gone – or are you going – to a pumpkin patch this year?


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