Hot Chai Date

Let’s have a date. I’m not a fan of coffee. Even though I worked at a Starbucks in Seattle and was around coffee beans so much my hair reeked of them, I don’t like the stuff.

So, let’s have a hot chai tea date. I like mine best with soy milk. Here’s a recipe for some homemade chai, if you are feeling brave!

Got your drink of choice? Great! Let’s have a seat!

So, if we were to have a date…aka, just get together and catch up, I would tell you that I think my family is FINALLY on the mend. It has been an incredibly rough month. It started with my husband working and going to school for about a week and a half straight. Being alone all day, all night and all day the next day, for a week and a half with three kiddos took it’s toll on my immune system. First, Gracie got sick. Then Benjamin. And then, we all got it. Just as everyone started feeling better, both kids got a stomach bug and Benjamin’s lasted a whole week. That’s a lot of floor scrubbin, ya’ll. Then, the kids and I were hit with round two of the first bug. Top it off with a sinus infection and you got yourself a month of yuk!

mama and kiddos

The grace of God is revealed in this through the fact that I have been resting a whole lot more than if I had not been sick, therefore, the stress fracture in both my feet are healing quite well. But my favorite part? My favorite part is the snuggles. Before this sickness, I had a little girl who didn’t snuggle for anything. Now, this little munchkin loves her snuggles about as much as her mama. I have gotten all kinds of baby snuggles over the last month. Most of them are a little snotty and I get sneezed and coughed on (I wonder how I get sick?) the whole time, but it is so worth it.

I only have about fifteen thousand emails to catch up on.

I am so grateful that we weren’t this sick over the holidays, that would have been even worse!


How is your family? Have you been able to steer clear of all the sickness that seems to come with the start of school and the changing of the seasons?



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