Preschool Gift Guide

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Figuring out what is a great gift is a difficult task for any age. I remember being invited to birthday parties for nieces or nephews and having NO IDEA what to bring.

Some of the best ideas for your preschooler. This includes some things I never would have thought of!

Here is helpful preschool gift guide in case you have a little one in mind. Any of these gifts would be a winner, especially because they are chosen not just because they are fun, but also because they are educational!

Melissa and Doug Pattern Blocks: These are so great for preschoolers! They can use the blocks to create pictures and best of all; clean up is a breeze! Just put them back into the box!

Little Tikes Spiralin' Seas Waterpark Play Table

Water Table: If you are a mama of littles, I don’t need to tell you how much your child will like this. But, in case you are looking for gift ideas for someone who is not your child, then let me explain why this is one of the best ideas ever. My children love the water, I mean, it’s crazy how one thing of water can keep them busy for hours! Whether it be the pool, bathtub, kitchen sink or bucket of water; they will play and play! A water table will get their minds thinking, while allowing them to play (and mama to have some moments of sanity).

Small World Toys Preschool - The Doctor is in Medical Kit w/case B/O

Pretend Play: Doctor – How many of you played doctor as a kid? I know I did! Get this pretend doctor set and let your children go wild with it. I bet all the stuffed animals in the house will be treated at least once!

Balance Bike: This is great for getting your little ones comfortable about riding a bike. Skip the training wheels! Gracie (age 3) has one and loves it, actually, I think Benjamin (age 2) is ready to start using it!

Counting Bears: These are helpful for preschoolers who are learning to count. One to one correspondence is a difficult concept for little ones, these little bears are a great way to help your preschooler count.

Step2 Neighborhood Wagon

Wagon: I really can’t decide if this is a gift for the children, or the parents. This is a great way to corral kids; whether you are taking them to the park or a hot air balloon festival. Seriously, if you have any kids and especially, if you have more than one, this is a necessity.

Magnatiles: Little tiles that kids can use to build anything their imagination can dream up. I think my favorite thing about these little tiles is that it gives your kiddos something to play with that challenges them to think differently. If they can dream it, they can build it with this magnatiles.

Magic Moves Electronic Wand: Perfect for rainy days (or snow days). This little gadget will keep your kids moving by giving them tasks to do. There are plenty of tasks to keep them busy for a while!

Learning Resources Gears! Gears! Gears!

Gears: Similar to the magnatiles in that it gives your children the chance to build whatever they can dream up. If you know anything about STEM, this would be the E Рengineering. STEM is all the rage these days, because educators (including parents) want our kids to  be able to think for themselves. Toys like these can help stimulate thinking.

Wooden Blocks: So simple and yet so important. Give them a chance to get creative.

Primary Science Lab Set

Preschool Lab Set: This is excellent for curious kiddos. This comes with lab tools for preschoolers and also some activity cards to get their scientific mind working.

Lincoln Logs: We love our Lincoln Log set. Actually, my husband might like them most of all. So, get them for the preschooler…or the daddy. Both will love it!

Ikea 301.908.57 Ljusa LED Flashlight, Hand-PoweredCrank Flashlight: Okay, this one isn’t as educational. However, my children are slightly obsessed with my flashlight. This would be ALL for them and they wouldn’t have to borrow mine. Best of all, I wouldn’t have to buy batteries!

Le Petit Prince "Touch Active, Easy Clean" Twilight Constellation Galaxy Round Projector Night Light by Lumitusi

Constellation Night Light: Speaking of lights, this one is a MUST HAVE for us this year. My kiddos love the lights in the baby swing, I’m hoping that this night light will calm them down as they are falling asleep.


What are some of your go to gifts for Preschoolers?

Don’t forget to check back next week for the Toddler Gift Guide!

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