What would Jesus do, about a red paper cup?

People are upset. Let’s get even more specific; Christians are upset.

What would Jesus do about a red paper cup? Amidst all the Starbucks controversy, it begs the question - what does Jesus think about all this?

It’s understandable, there is a lot in this world to be upset about. Take the most recent abortion fiasco. It’s upsetting. Babies being murdered and their parts sold to the highest bidder; I would be deeply concerned about you if you were NOT upset about this.

ISIS extinguishing Christians. Whether or not you claim to follow Jesus Christ as your Savior, this is definitely something to get upset about. A terrorist organization is brutally murdering people, calling it religious expression, and getting away with it. I call that upsetting.

Israel is being threatened by all it’s surrounding countries, as well as factions within. Knowing that our Jewish brothers and sisters are being threatened and attacked is upsetting.

How about here at home? Last year, over fifteen million children were hungry and living in poverty in the United States of America. These are our neighbors. The faces we see at the grocery store. That is something very upsetting.

Yes, Christians are upset. They are marching together and making a difference in our world. There are so many Christians moving about this that it has been trending on Facebook and Twitter. It has been in the news and talk shows. It’s obvious that we, Christians are making a difference.

The most heartbreaking thing about the difference we are making, is that it is about something eternally insignificant. As Christians, we haven’t taken a stand against the injustice of the world. We haven’t banded together to make a change in the heartache that is going on in our backyards. We have stood together over the injustice of a paper cup.

So the question is; what would Jesus do, about a red paper cup?

What would Jesus do about a red paper cup? With all the controversy about Starbucks' cups, it begs the question: what does Jesus think about all this?

Let’s start at the beginning. I saw this video posted on Facebook. I actually thought it was a cute idea. Not because I was angry at Starbucks or wanted to get back at them, but because by giving the baristas another chance to say, “Merry Christmas” the Christmas season would be promoted even more. And I LOVE me some Christmas time! Side note: When I was a barista at Starbucks, no one told me not to say Merry Christmas. So, I Merry Christmased my way through my 4:00AM morning shift while I made peppermint mochas and gingerbread whatevers. If your barista didn’t say, “Merry Christmas”, it’s because he/she didn’t want to, not because they were told not to.

Starbucks is NOT a Christian organization. It has never claimed to be. If they want to make their cups goose dookey green, that is their choice. They are a company out to make money, however they can.

I wonder how many of these outraged believers remember what the cups looked like in previous years. There were some snowflakes and a few creepy snowmen. I don’t see how any of these past cups point to our Savior. Matter of fact, if you really want to get philosophical about a paper cup, then maybe the plain red cup is the most Christmas of them all. Since Christ came to die for all men, the red can represent the pure blood of Christ. Through which we have redemption and forgiveness of sins.

But, that’s not really the issue is it? The issue is that Christians want to come together for something. We want to join hands and fight for a cause. That’s okay! It’s what we were made to do. It’s how Christianity spread so quickly in the early church. God calls us to be unified.

Oh that we weren’t so easily swayed by the tactics of Satan! Can you imagine what would happen if all the Christians that were upset about red cups, would join together for a different cause? If every single person who was upset about red paper cups would pray for Israel or the persecuted Christians, can you imagine what a drastic change would happen? What if every Christian who complained about their Starbucks drink being in a plain cup, took the money spent on their drink and gave it to the poor instead?

The average American worker spends more than $20 a week on their coffee. Even if the Average person gave up coffee for one week; that would be a whole lot of bellies being filled rather than going hungry.

Let’s start a different movement. Rather than the movement of #MerryChristmasStarbucks lets start the movement of #coffeeforchildren. Trade in your grinchy red cup for a little goodwill in your heart when you give back. Go and be the hands and feet of the Savior; who would spend less time getting angry at unbelievers who, well…don’t believe and more time helping those who need a reason to believe.

If you can’t handle giving up your daily/weekly coffee habit, then try another way to make a difference. Get your drink of choice, then pay for the person behind you. Or get an extra drink for that person at work who just went through a tough time. Or your child’s teacher, who isn’t a believer and wonders what is so different about Christianity. Be extravagantly generous. Get personal.

That is what Jesus would do about a red cup.

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