10 ways to stay connected to your spouse during the holidays

Christmas parties. Buying gifts. Cleaning the house. Kid’s activities.

With all the different things going on this season, it is so easy to disconnect with your spouse.

The holidays are a tough time of year for everyone with to do lists five miles long. Here are 10 simple ways to stay connected with your spouse over the holidays.

It isn’t even the middle of December yet, and already I am feeling the weight of all I need to get done. In the midst of that feeling, my husband often times gets overlooked.

Here are 10 ways to stay connected to your spouse during the holidays.

  1. Couch time – I am a huge fan of couch time. It is basically a time that you set aside each day to sit with your spouse and talk. We usually try to block off thirty minutes, but often times, it turns out to be more.
  2. Create a bucket list – it isn’t too late to create a bucket list for you and your spouse to do this holiday season. What are some fun things that you would like to do before Christmas is over?
  3. Ask questions – Just because you aren’t dating anymore, doesn’t mean there isn’t anything left to learn about your spouse. Use this season to ask some creative questions about your spouse’s past, their dreams and hopes for this season.
  4. Make an ordinary day special – Light some candles, make a simple, gourmet meal, dress up; do something to get out of the rut of busyness around the holidays.
  5. Have a date – One good thing about the holidays is the extra family, that means extra people willing to watch the kids. Use that as an excuse for your kids to play with cousins and go on a date.
  6. Stay in and have a date -If you don’t have family, or the ability to go out, then have a date at home. You could snuggle while you watch the fire and talk. You could watch a holiday movie. Get creative
  7. Start a tradition – Begin something fun that you can look forward to each year. Maybe it’s exchanging a special gift on Christmas Eve when the kids go to sleep, or maybe it’s matching pajamas (ha!). Whatever works for you two, find something and make it happen.
  8. Spend time loving each other – Schedule time to be together. Use this time to do whatever you need to connect. If you don’t schedule it, it probably won’t happen.¬† IMG_0841
  9. Talk, talk, talk – Do you understand what your spouse expects from you this Christmas? How about what the expectations are with in-laws? Save yourself from future arguments and talk it out BEFORE it happens. I love this handout from Focus on the Family.
  10. Reminisce – Think about favorite memories of Christmas past. Look at old pictures together. Reminisce about the past and dream of the future.


Can you think of any more than 10 ways to stay connected to your spouse during the holidays?? Please leave a comment with your idea!

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