Last minute gift ideas

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You’ve procrastinated.

It’s okay, I understand. Life got busy. When you weren’t looking the calendar went from November to December 20th. You have five days and you are torn between being stressed out that you haven’t gotten anything for your loved one and wanting to wallow in despair that you are the worst gift giver.

Get out of the mud pit! I’m here to help! There are some last minute gift ideas that you can get even up until Christmas Eve. So, hang with me as we go through some ideas for you.

Procrastinators unite!

Give the Gift of Amazon Prime – If you do any online shopping, and you don’t have Amazon Prime, then you are missing out! You can get free 2 day shipping, and even same day delivery. You can get streaming video as well as ad-free music. You can get unlimited storage for photos and more. If you haven’t even looked, maybe now might be a good time to check it out. If you gift this Prime membership, it will last one year and give someone much more than just free shipping (which is all I thought it was for the longest time!)

Gift Cards – One of our favorite quick places to eat is Pie 5. It is the convenience of fast food, but much tastier than what you would get from a delivery place. One thing that makes Pie 5 so much fun is that each person can choose whatever they want on their pizza. So if you are like our family, and everyone likes something a little different, then this is definitely the pizza place for you! Go here to order gift cards starting at $10.

pie 5

This is also the time of year to get gift cards, since most places are offering promotions for them. Many places will give you a free meal or $10 gift card with the purchase of another.

Zulily – In case you have never checked this place out, it is a mama’s dream! You get daily deals on the cutest kids clothes and toys, and while you are there, you can also look around the check out some things you might need. The deals are updated daily, so check out and see what’s hot today. (Also, today, you can still get free shipping when you use to coupon code FREESHIPPING)


Play Dough – Chances are; you already have everything you need for this in your home. You don’t have to spend a penny. It will just take a little of your time. Here is an easy recipe for homemade play dough. Supposedly, it will last six months, but mine has lasted two years so far.

chocolate peanut butter surprise cookie (5)

Homemade cookies – If you are looking for gift ideas for your friends, coworkers or neighbors; it could be as simple as homemade cookies. Find a festive bag or wrapping and plop these guys into it.

Durn Good Spritz Cookies (6)

Amazon Kindle for Kids – Mimi and Pappy got this for our little ones and it is so great. The other day, at the restaurant, Benjamin was wanting to jump up and down on the seat. The place we were at was really tight and people were packed in there. Normally, I would figure out something for him to do so he could work on self control, but this time, I had the Kindle with me. I gave that thing to him and it was like a pacifier! It worked like a charm and his energy held off until we were finished eating and he could run and play at the playground!

What about you? Have you finished all your Christmas shopping this year?

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