The Birth of Christ Lesson and Activities

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The story of Jesus’ birth is truly amazing.

Probably the most amazing thing is that it isn’t just a story, but it is the telling of events that really happened.

These are some cute ideas to get the family focused on Christ this season. I especially like the treasure hunt idea!

This season is so special with all the festivities that I want to make sure my children are hearing the story of Jesus’ birth as much or more than the other stories of this season (aka, Santa).

The Birth of Christ Lesson and Activities Lesson Plan is what we are going to be doing the week leading up to Christmas. If you have been following along, you know we have our Preschool Advent, but this is extra fun during the day.

My kids can’t ever get enough crafts, how ’bout yours?

Here are some of our ideas for this week:

Jesus feeds 5000 (5)

December 17:

December 18:

December 19:

  • Read the story as a family in the family Bible
  • Talk about the differences between Jesus birth and the kid’s birth. You can use this handout over here.

December 20:

December 21:

December 22:

  • Recreate the nativity scene using a laundry basket as a manger. Get creative to find things around the house that could be used as part of the nativity scene


December 23:

  • Have a treasure hunt around the house with the last clue leading to the “greatest gift of all” which is Jesus in the manger in your nativity scene.

December 24:

  • Have a birthday party for Jesus, including birthday cake!

That’s it! Just a few fun activities to keep Christ the center of this season! What are some ideas that you do as a family to keep Christ the foundation of this holiday?

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  1. Susan says:

    What a great post! The links are especially helpful. I tried to keep the focus on Christ with my littles but didn’t have these resources.

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