Christmas Reality with toddlers

Before I had children, I had such beautiful dreams and hopes for Christmas future. I hoped that if I ever had a family that it would be such a lovely time, truly the best time of the year.

Now, I have children.

Let me just say that my delightful expectations of Christmas aren’t really coming to pass.

Baby Levi and christmas tree

Christmas dream: That the tree will be up by the day after Thanksgiving. Maybe the tree is even shining in our house on Thanksgiving day.

Christmas Reality with toddlers: The tree is up. So are all the fall decorations. It’s almost the second week of December.

Christmas dream: Everyone decorates the tree together as a family bonding activity.

Christmas reality with toddlers: We start decorating the tree, but decide to abandon that notion after the toddler mistakenly thinks that the glass ornaments are bouncy balls.

Christmas dream: We sit down and do advent every night together, with the children listening with eager attention to the stories.

Christmas reality with toddlers: We do advent almost every night. In between putting the baby to bed and cleaning the kitchen after dinner. The older two spend half the time bouncing up and down and the other half rolling around laughing at each other.

Christmas dream: The children open their presents and are so delighted at the excitement the new toy brings them, they can’t wait to start using it.

Christmas reality with toddlers: The children open their gifts and then spend the rest of the day playing with the cardboard boxes and the wrapping paper.

Christmas dream: Making Christmas cookies in the kitchen together (the kitchen being spotless the entire time).

Christmas reality with toddlers: Making Christmas cookies in the messy kitchen for a few minutes before one of them gets bored and starts eating the flour off the ground.

The kids and the fire

Christmas dream: Snuggling with my husband in front of the fireplace after the kids go to bed.

Christmas reality with toddlers: Falling asleep on the couch together, while the kids are still playing in their beds.

Christmas dream: Making magical memories that will stay with us forever.

Christmas reality with toddlers: Making magical memories that will stay with us forever.

I guess some Christmas dreams do come true!

  Christmas with children is not like we expect. I love how this post shares expectation vs reality of Christmas with little ones!

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