Sickness, kite flying, and goals for the week

I’ve decided it is just not practical for me to hope that I can have three little ones that don’t get sick much in the winter. When one little one gets sick…the whole family gets it.

My favorite part about our house being sick is the snuggles.

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Benjamin has been lethargic with a fever the last few days. He isn’t playing, eating or talking much. However, he does say a few words over and over; “Mama, will you snuggle with me?” It is music to my ears. My middle man doesn’t usually snuggle with me. It’s not that he doesn’t like it, rather, it is that he is just too busy to stop and be held for a bit.

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Our weekend has been filled with snuggles, good conversation and some kite flying.

Flying kites (52)

On another note, it is very difficult to fly kites in your backyard.

But, highly entertaining.

Flying kites (19) I haven’t had goals in like, three months. Basically, a whole trimester! That’s because in the first trimester, I am just focused on surviving. But, since I’ve got my energy back, it’s time to jump back into it.

Family Goals:

Be intentional about each kid getting a night to stay up with us. We have started letting the kids stay up once a week to play with us. They get focused, one on one attention with us and we get to enjoy them without the distractions of their siblings. It has been precious time.

Date with the hubby! We haven’t been on a date outside the home in about five thousand years (or something like that). I am so excited that we get to go somewhere…just the two of us to talk about anything and everything. I sure love that man!

Have daily couch time and questions. 

Write in the kid’s journals

Continue kid’s lessons. We started our preschool lessons again and both older kids are loving it. I am excited to start our Easter lessons next week!

Homemaking Goals:

Continue making freezer meals. I know I just started the second trimester, but that difficult third trimester is coming. I need to prepare like a squirrel in fall.

Create a new schedule for the family.

Clean the office. Seriously.

Organize the kid’s toys. We have more than we need and I have been so frustrated with the clean up battle. Greg has to hold me back from getting rid of everything and just giving them sticks and rocks to play with.

Personal Goals:

Work our on the elliptical 3x this week. I am still trying to go easy on my foot. One foot is completely healed from the fracture, but the other is still a little…iffy.

Get up early for my time in the Word. This is the best time to do it! The kids are now “sleeping in” since daylight savings time, I have zero excuses now.

Take a quick video each day

Work on memorizing our verses. Greg and I are on the testimony team at church, but that means that we have to know ten verses by heart. We have been working on it, but it isn’t as easy as it once was to memorize Scripture.





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