5 Reasons we celebrate Easter, just not the bunny

This little space is my place to share my ideas, thoughts and opinions. I am in no way an expert in anything (except maybe how to be a mess), but I am more than happy to share what works, what doesn’t work and what I am learning about for our family.

That being said, I received a precious comment last week on this post, about my thoughts on celebrating Easter.

If you have followed along for a while, then you know that while we LOVE Christmas, we don’t use Santa in our celebrations. Also, fall is fabulous, but currently we are not in the trick or treating club. Well, we also don’t celebrate the bunny.

Is it possible to celebrate Easter without including the Easter bunny? What if we spent more time talking to our kids about the REAL meaning of Easter, rather than filling their minds with cute bunny stories?

Here are our reasons why:

  1. To a child, there is no competition. Just as baby Jesus can’t compete with a jolly fat guy who gives kids tons of toys, crucified Jesus can’t compete with a cute little bunny who leaves trails of candy eggs and Easter baskets full of goodies. Even as an adult, if we had the choice to go to church and celebrate the Resurrection of Christ versus going to an adult Easter egg hunt (yes, they have those) many would choose the latter.
  2. Candy leaves us empty, Christ fills up. The truth of it, though, is that Jesus is SO much MORE than just a bunch of plastic eggs filled with candy. The truth of the Gospel is life changing, while the candy in the eggs just leave us with tummy aches and sugar highs.
  3. The Easter Bunny comes once a year, the excitement of Christ is daily. I want my children to know the joy, delight and treasure of the cross that they can experience every day of the year, rather than just be excited about a basket they get once a year from a bunny.
  4. The Easter bunny fades, but Christ shines brighter. One day, they will learn the bunny isn’t real and then…the joy will be gone. On the other hand, the joy of knowing Christ is an everlasting joy that grows substantially with each passing day.
  5. The lie factor. Greg and I have a standard for ourselves and our parenting to not lie to our children. I am sure we will mess up, but I certainly don’t want to do so on purpose. Telling our children that a bunny came and delivered an Easter basket creates an atmosphere of distrust. When our children do find out the truth, they will wonder what else we have lied about. I don’t want them to come to the conclusion that the awesome miracle of Jesus is a lie, right along with the Easter bunny. (I was that kid that found out Santa and the Easter bunny wasn’t real and assumed Jesus wasn’t either)

So, how do we handle Easter? Do we avoid everything all together?

Not at all!

There is so much fun going on this time of year! Just do a quick search of churches in your area and you will find helicopter egg drops, Easter festivals with bounce houses and more!

I want my kids to still experience this fun, I just don’t want them to think Easter egg hunts and baskets will goodies is what Easter is all about.

Can you celebrate Easter without the bunny? Absolutely! Here are five reasons why our family doesn't celebrate the Easter bunny.

Matter of fact, this weekend, we are going to an Easter shin dig at a local church. They will have Easter egg hunts, bounce houses, a petting zoo and more. However, I am explaining to my children that this is a party to celebrate Spring. In the same way that we go to Pumpkin Patches in the fall and take a walk to look at Christmas lights in the winter.

We are celebrating Easter with Greg’s family on Sunday, I know there will be an Easter egg hunt there. We aren’t going to avoid it, but we are going to make the distinction that the Easter egg hunt is not associated with the story of Christ and His resurrection. The story of Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection is so phenomenal, it will have it’s own celebration.

Some of the symbols of spring can be used as teachable moments. Eggs can be used to teach children about new life that is found in Christ. I am hoping to find some time in the next few weeks to dye eggs for fun. I’m looking forward to using this activity to teach our kiddos. (Eggs can also be used to introduce our kiddos to the concept of reproduction, but that’s a whole different blog post!) We also will be doing Easter baskets, but they are going to look a lot different from they typical baskets. More on that…

Stay tuned this week to hear how our family is going to be teaching our children and celebrating the story of the Gospel through Christ’s death and resurrection. We have already started and we are LOVING it!

Side note: These are just the conclusions we have come to for our family. What works for us might not work for your family. If you do the Easter bunny, it by no means indicates that you are less of a Christian. What it means is…you celebrate Easter with the Easter bunny. And that’s okay.

What about your family, do you celebrate the bunny?

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