Snuggle bugs, forgiveness and mamamamas

My darling,
Lately, life has just been hard. It’s part of the ebbs and flows of life. I guess we are in a big ebb, but I know that the flow is coming. You have remained firm and strong in this season. You have let me lean on you, as you have leaned on the strength of the Savior. I am forever grateful for you and your example in my life.

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My Gracie doodle,
You are my snuggle bug. I never would have said that years ago, since you seemed to despise physical touch. However, now you can’t seem to get enough of it. You just want to cuddle and snuggle and whatever else that involves us being together. I love it, too!

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My Benjamin,
You have convinced me that we are born with a leniency toward a certain love language. It is clear that your love language is acts of service. You love doing things for your family. Whether it be bringing me my phone (even if I don’t need it), or getting your brother a toy when he gets fussy, or it could be how you get Gracie a plate for dinner each time you get one for yourself. You have such a tender heart. I love watching you grow more into the little man God has you to be.

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“Mamama” – It’s my name, according to you. I love hearing you say my name again and again. You are so silly and have such a goofy temperament. You LOVE tickles and I love hearing your giggles, so often times, we have a long tickling time. You are getting to be such a big boy, you have started bear crawling and I have a feeling that walking is not too far away. I love being a part of all your milestones.

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My hero,
Today, you offered me forgiveness and mercy when I least deserved it. You constant love and grace in my life never ceases to amaze me. Thank you for being kind and gentle with me. Thank you for helping me understand the love of our Father God even more. You show me the Father’s love, not only by your presence in my life, but also in the way you tenderly love and parent our children. You are an amazing daddy. I’m proud to be yours.

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