This week’s goals and new bikes

We got Gracie a bicycle this week. What a blessing it was! I asked around and found someone selling this bike for $5 and the other one, someone was giving away for free! I am truly amazed at how God graces us with little blessings.

Bike riding (3)

So, last weekend it was kite flying. This weekend it was bike riding. I’m wondering what next weekend will hold for us.

Bike riding (1)

Middle man was under the weather for the first part of the week and little man was sick for the last part of it, so I wasn’t as successful at my goals as I would have liked. I did NONE of my homemaking goals. Whoops.

Bike riding (4)

Like I’ve said before, these goals are more like guidelines!

Last week’s goals:

Family Goals:

Be intentional about each kid getting a night to stay up with us.

Date with the hubby!  We did it! It was SO fun!

Have daily couch time and questions. 

Write in the kid’s journals

Continue kid’s lessons.

Homemaking Goals:

Continue making freezer meals. I didn’t make freezer meals, but I did make breakfast for my Bible study group at church. So…that kinda counts??

Create a new schedule for the family.

Clean the office.

Organize the kid’s toys.

Personal Goals:

Work out on the elliptical 3x this week.  I’m crossing this one off, even though I didn’t do it, because I went for a walk a few days. So I’m counting that!

Get up early for my time in the Word.  I did it! And I was a MUCH better mama this week!

Take a quick video each day

Work on memorizing our verses.

Bike riding (2)

This week’s goals:

Family Goals:

Gracie, Benjamin and Levi get to stay up one night this week, for one on one time with mommy and daddy.

Date at home with Greg – not sure what we are going to do, but we just need to do it!

Have daily couch time and questions. 

Write in the kid’s journals

Work on our Easter lessons. Celebrate Holy Week as a family.

Homemaking Goals:

Pick one room to deep clean – and do it!

Get back on a cleaning schedule

Continue to organize the kid’s toys.

Gather and drop off at Goodwill

Personal Goals:

Work out 3x this week.

Check out a few nonfiction books from the library to read after the kids go to sleep

Get up early for my time in the Word.

Take a quick video each day

Continue to work on memorizing our verses.

Go shopping for pregnancy clothes – I have some gift cards that have been in my possession for about three years, I think it’s time to use them!

What are some of your goals for this week?


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