Broken ipads, homemade pizzas and sickness

It’s a lovely morning here. The big thunder bumber clouds are drifting away, leaving the scent of rain lingering in the air. We needed the rain. Although, it’s rare in Texas to ever NOT need the rain. This morning, I was about to take a shower. It was just me and the three kids. I was just stepping in to the shower and Gracie comes in yelling, “I heard a siren”. If you live in Texas, you know that when there is a thunderstorm, when the lights are flickering, when the rain is coming down in sheets and you hear a siren…you might ought to get in the closet. Turns out, she only heard a fire truck. That didn’t stop me from running to the windows to open them and listen, all in my birthday suit.

Kids making pizza (2)

We made homemade pizzas last week. The kids LOVE helping in the kitchen. It is a delight I share with them. They made the dough with me, and then they got to make their own pizzas. I was a little shocked that they asked for spinach on their pizza.

Kids making pizza (1)The whole family (minus Greg) got sick with the stomach bug last week. I am so ready for us to go at least two whole weeks without anyone getting sick. The good news is that our kids should have excellent immune systems when they get older.


Last week, my ipad was charging on the counter. Levi got curious and the next thing you know, the ipad came crashing down. Literally. I used to have a padded cover on it, but my mom got me this great keyboard for Christmas. In order to use the keyboard, I can’t use a cover. However, it made the ipad very susceptible to damage. When you have little ones, ALWAYS pad your electronics! The screen of my ipad is broken but still usable. I aim to use it till it dies on me. Or cracks beyond recognition.

This week’s goals:

Family Goals:

Levi’s birthday is next week. I need to figure out what to do. I know we are having a birthday party with family. That’s about it. I don’t know where, when, how. I should probably figure all that out this week.

Rumor has it that we will be going camping for our first time as a family this week. I am so excited! Stay tuned for tips on how to handle camping with a preschooler, toddler and baby. (First, I have to go and learn those tips)

Gracie, Benjamin and Levi get to stay up one night this week, for one on one time with mommy and daddy.

Have daily couch time and questions. 

Homemaking Goals:

Get back on a cleaning schedule – still working on that one

Work on cleaning out the freezer. That means that I have to figure out some meals with food from the freezer, to get rid of it. I am trying to make some space so we have freezer meals for the third trimester.
Do lessons with the kids 3-4 times this week

Personal Goals:

Go for a run – this is big. I haven’t been for a run since I broke my feet. I have also added a few pounds via baby.

Continue to up early for my time in the Word. I NEED this.

Finish memorizing our Scriptures. The due date is this Sunday. Whew!

Take three videos

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