Bubbles, haircuts and houses

Last week, I didn’t post at all. Anytime that happens, I get a little anxious. What if I don’t post and EVERYONE decides to stop reading? Then, I realize…that’s okay. It’s better to take care of my little family. I want to post every day, but it just seems that with each little one we have, my time gets thinned out even more. Last week, we were organizing (and getting rid of) toys.

Bubble fun (2)

Looking at houses. Greg and I are in the process of trying to decide if we want to buy or build a house. The problem with the preowned houses is that, we just can’t seem to find anything that really fits out family. If we moved to a preowned we would be settling…a lot. However, if we build; that just seems like a lot of things that I am just so clueless about. I know NOTHING about building a home. Greg, got his degree in construction management, so…there’s that. Any words of advice are welcome!

Bubble fun (1)I love the concentration face (with the tongue hanging out)

Bubble fun (4)

We were playing with bubbles that we got from Amaw (Greg’s mom) on Easter. We had such a blast being with family and spending time together on Easter. I wish there were more excuses for big meals and family get togethers.

Bubble fun (6)

Oh, and getting haircuts. It’s definitely a learning curve – doing haircuts at home. The boys aren’t too hard, but Gracie’s hair…that is hard to get just right. This little dude has SO much hair. I feel like I am constantly giving him a trim.


This week’s goals:

Family Goals:

Gracie, Benjamin and Levi get to stay up one night this week, for one on one time with mommy and daddy.

Date at home with Greg

Have daily couch time and questions. 

Write in the kid’s journals

Homemaking Goals:

Get back on a cleaning schedule – still working on that one

Change out Gracie’s clothes. She is getting too small for her clothes and we just got another round of clothing from her cousin (who has provided ALL her wardrobe!).

Figure out meals forthe freezer – I like to have an empty freezer come summertime, so I can fill it up with all kinds of goodies. This year, I have even more motivation, since I would like to have meals frozen by the time baby comes

Do lessons with the kids 3-4 times this week

Personal Goals:

Work out 3x this week.

Get up early for my time in the Word.

Finish memorizing our Scriptures

Take pictures every day

Go shopping for pregnancy clothes – I have been putting this off. I hate shopping, but it needs to be done. Although, I did get a load of clothes from my dear friend, Belinda! So, that should hold me off for a bit.

Bubble fun (5)

May your week be full of sunshine and bubbles!

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